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gaaniversary 2007

had a field day working with carlo in the talk and text gaaniversary tour particularly in alaminos pangasinan, gov. camins zamboanga and in liwasan ni bonifacio in manila. helped carlo construct his photo jeep and piggy roletas (i sanded, finished and painted –setman ang dating !) and went on to assist him for setup initially at alaminos.

the tour afforded me to see the hundred islands and check-in for free at the hotel astoria in zamboanga, and cover the backs of dominic ochoa, tuesday vargas (who is ubber hilarious with her stage antics), rufa mae, vhong and dindo (the quintessential jeepney driver!)  haha the excite events people were cool and under pressure they still found time to crack jokes and make kakulitan to each other (so cono !) i particularly admire the work of willie, head of logistics, who never stopped working for 4 days to oversee the entire area setup from scratch until strikedown at the end of the tour! kudos to you

here are a few photos of the tour:


6 thoughts on “gaaniversary 2007

  1. Ja! Haven’t checked your site in a loooong time, grabe. I missed your daily doses of “whatever”, hehehe. Kainggit naman, you got to leave Manila. I added the URL of your site on my Multiply ha, hope you don’t mind. Hope to be seeing you soon! Ü

  2. wednesday bamba whatever!!!!! says:

    oist katuwa namn and katouch may pic talaga me thanks a lot nagsearch lang me ng mga bout the gaaniversry txt me and kip in touch 09287048887 love u!!!!

  3. jegs says:

    bin! my mom’s from alaminos. both she and my sis already built their homes my parents are now separated hahhaa. dont worry its just physical separation. 🙂 cheers

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