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black walls

i would love to do a black wall for a set design next time but it might be too out there for most regular people. i did however ask carlo to reproduce these paintings for a set we worked on (below)  it was the closest i could get to doing a black wall.

ive always loved black walls. went as far as painting my bedroom wall a platinum grey (posting old photo here).

went through a lot of pegs and every time i fall deeper in love with the black wall, or at least a deep grey wall.  my room is nowhere near done and is still a work in progress.  the newer photo is posted below.  here are a few pegs that inspired the look.

originally i wanted a leather tufted bed like this one, was obsessed.

but i decided on a simpler bedfarme which surprised me because i loved it as well. here’s another photo of my bedroom with the new bed. was gonna stain in black but ill wait until i get tired of the faux antique finish before i stain it again.

i like this tufted mattress on paletas (ano english dito?).

chalkboard walls with text!  yumm

other posts on chalkboard walls

reposting from by kim: Black walls… 8/17/09
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