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I havent written anything much here since Graba’s death in may 2010. Not in wordpress, not in facebook nor elsewhere. I guess i havent recovered from it all along.

graba at 2 months

He was the 2nd pomeranian to live in katipunan and was a complete opposite of Nuk. Where Nuk was reserved and preferred to be alone, Graba was a ball of energy and was excited to greet everybody that enters the house. He was smart, emphatic and super cute. It was a no-brainer he’d be friendly to the new dog in the house, pogi, when we brought him in december of 2009.

Theyve become inseparable ever since. Of course they had their spats and petty squabbles but Graba would be the reason why a shar-pei, bred to be an aggresive guard dog, would grow up to be playful and loving. Pogi, always surround by this small breed of dogs, grew larger but thinks he’s as small and lightweight as Graba and Nuk.

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Yey! after almost a month, i finally got LUNA back today