We are currently in Busan, Korea for the 2nd leg of FLY FILM LAB 2019 bring Joe Bacus’s 2nd feature length film under development, DEVILS IN PARADISE (Mga Yawa sa Paraiso), with me as producer. FLY FILM LAB is under the Busan Film Commission and in cooperation with the Busan Asian Film School (AFiS). Part of our time here in Busan is also presenting the film to the in the LINK OF CINE-ASIA Project Market. So see you at our table! wohoo!


DEVILS IN PARADISE (Mga Yawa sa Paraiso) is a film about a shaman, GAU who seeks to keep his local traditions and culture alive against the growing power of the Catholic Church in his community. His daughter, SEHANA, an apprentice shaman, looks forward to the day she gets to meet her mother, MAULANA, the head ASWANG, someday. Meanwhile, GAU struggles to continue his duties as healer and leader in his community, which is suddenly suffering from a strange disease, when by his own negligence, the shaman one day finds SEHANA killed at the hands of his spirit familiar, the SIGBIN. His guilt throws him into a journey seeking solace and reprieve and stumbles into the realm of the Aswangs where he is forced to face MAULANA who asks him why he came alone.






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