long time havent seen will not see

one free day in the otherwise busy world of benjamin padero
today i thought of doing some paperwork at home because i finally got a new computer, one that’s faster (P4 2.4gHz 512mb 120gbHDD) and runs better on winXP than the old one we had (650mHz 64mb 10gbHDD). the previous computer’s been missed but its essence is still in this new one, we’ve hooked up its old modem, HDD and monitor to the new computer, who i lovingly call GEORGE now.

jhem asks me why george? i dunno, it was the first name that came out of my mouth. maybe it came from george of the jungle or george darling (wendy’s father from peter pan) or george from my best friend’s wedding. i dont believe ive met a real george to have any real life connection. it was just one of those things that you feel is right.

next month ill be buying george a capture card, additional RAM, a DVD burner, and new speakers with subwoofer, hopefully to get ready for some editing action. it’s been a few months now since i did that mindanao docu and the film is quite long overdue. by june i will be free to concentrate on that. for now, it’s doing prod design work for “KASAL” (tentative title) directed by my boss dante mendoza. astigin!
sharing comfort food
what do you know of comfort food?

just letting you in on some of my recently acquired comfort food in recent months:
1. Del Monte Four Seasons in 22ml glasses from 7-11

i thing that’s about it, nothing follows. every evening when i come around katipunan i take a hike to 7-11 and get a large juice bubbler for php17. it refreshes me. at least i get some vit.C’s for the day.

i gotta go now. i might be needed in the office. cheers to all!

saving all my love for you
but all that i remember are the dreams in the mist

hi to all my online friends (and off), drei (congrats on new work, new life, new possibilities), poninski!, cuzin edge! sargie (puerto!) andrew, vida (new stalker), rayts (havent been around reading or watching films) cerissa (siargao!), CAM people! mike (update), jm (update), jhem (get online!), jetro (puerto!) guia tomski jaime dennis chuva; family and friends, id like to say hi to my mamayet and papayong! love you guys! sisters mati and ta-an, papi, the kids (especially the kids!) lea laya lukas; church people ronnie (puerto!) cherry (puerto!) noel (puerto!) faisal (central visayas!) astarte (pelikula!) kitty (puerto!) rania (zamboanga!) etc; im babbling. see you soon guys! im gonna be ubber busy in MAY! WHOLE MONTH! wish me luck! Luck! 🙂 cheerios!