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selfie vlog: king’s landing

so this is the story.

i took selfie videos while going around the old city in dubrovnik, croatia where they shot game of thrones. then i edited them with music from the show and posted on youtube. so i thought that was that.


on the day we were to leave croatia, the old landlady from our airbnb told me she saw me “on internet.” because she took note of our names and passport upon check-in, i assumed she researched our names and found me on facebook. so that was that.

in the airport while checking in for our flight, the guy manning the check-in counter told me he recognized me with the blue hair and touring the old city location a few days ago. i asked him if he was there when we were going around. he told me, no. he only saw me “on internet.”


he told me he saw my video. ah. i asked if he saw it on facebook. no, in the news.


then while processing our boarding passes, he whips out his phone and starts searching for the website of the local news. he shows it to me (it was in croatian) and i took note of it. flabbergasted, i later searched the site again. the translation was something else.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.39.08 AM.png

my video apparently went viral in dubrovnik and was featured in two websites. “dangerous stunt” daw. lol. here’s the full video. dangerous daw, huwag tularan.


a view of the king’s landing from the steps going up the red keep. i cant stop gushing about how gorgeous this little pocket of heaven is.

wanderlust: dubrovnik

carlo, bianca, pepe, royd, bentol, and myself took a short plane ride to dubrovnik, croatia from the czech republic, to take the game of thrones tour. the city has become a major tourist attraction when hbo moved to film scenes from the hit tv show, game of thrones, in croatia for season 2. a lot of the exterior scenes of king’s landing and other locations were filmed in the old city and other parts of dubrovnik. i only knew about it when bianca suggested we take a side trip during the time we’re attending the karlovy vary film festival.


dubrovnik is a gorgeous coastal town and we enjoyed our time in it. it was summer and most of the tourists are heading for the beaches in dubrovnik. and then there was us going for game of thrones!


at the trsteno arboretrum recreating a scene from GOT

i love the cypress trees jutting out of the hills amidst stone-walled houses. ang ganduh parang nasa croatia ka lang. choz.




inside the old city.



people resting by the docks away from the afternoon heat.




we stayed a total of 3 days in dubrovnik before heading to budapest. it was a bit expensive compared to the czech republic but totally worth it. the beaches are awesome and i would love to spend next summer here again. choz.

will post the youtube video of the old city tour we took that got viral in the local news. lol. and for the rest of the photos, here’s the link to my facebook photo dump. cheers!


on the steps where cersei took her walk of shame

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wanderlust: dubrovnik


digital world

rethinking my digital data storage options. i almost lost my old photos from an old wd mybook hdd when its hardware failed a few months ago. then i realized most of the photos were backed up in a separate 2TB wd passport hdd. so i said i was safe. AND THEN a few days i plugged in into an lg led tv and somehow it “erased” everything. i was able to save most of the photos using a data recovery program but i fear the hdd no longer gives me security. the same program allowed me however to access the old mybook hdd so im slowly backing up my previously lost photos. and maybe now i really need to triple backup things and also backup to cloud networks. hayy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.05.57 AM

a sample of my folder organization, catalogued in lightroom. i kinda never erase photos even if they are trivial and mundane. 

by importance, i want to save all my photos. ive succeeded in keeping all of them organized since 2005. and then i want to save all my project files, from way back 2005 to present. ive been working in the art department since that time and i havent erased any of my research, pegs, drawings, and presentation decks. the next important, and slightly not so important, would be my movie collection. it’s kinda heartbreaking to lose the really hard-to-find ones like musicals and documentaries. everything else, somehow you can find again online. the last thing i would want to save is probably the e-comics. i also have a big collection of mp3s (albums and all that) as well but they dont seem as important now as the rest of my files.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.01.21 PM

recovering 1 folder at a time. and because it really is a hardware problem, the old mybook hdd is so slow it takes hours to download even a file of around 400mb. Lord, have mercy.

soon enough i will learn to let go of things lost, digital or otherwise. but not yet. not yet.