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repost: beautiful plumbing lamps

i love these! genius who ever made these lamps. this is a repost  🙂

Posted by hipstomp | 27 Jul 2010 

You gotta love plumbing fixtures, they’re like Lego for adults with industrial aesthetic preferences, as these DIY lamps show:


Sadly, these beautiful things were posted at Beautiful Life with absolutely no indication of provenance. If you’re the mystery designer, please drop us a line so we can give you some props (and/or do an interview)!

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ghost photography? a repost

i thought this was fantastic i had to repost it. his pics with the children is particularly creepy. ahlovet! 🙂

Ghosts now officially exist, thanks to Sergey Larenkov’s computational rephotography via Core77 on 7/30/10


Photographer Sergey Larenkov uses computational rephotography (as shown above and explained here by Wired) to overlay extant WWII-era photographs on their corresponding modern settings. The results are both spooky and stunning:


The shots really do have to be seen large, so check out Larenkov’s LJ page for the rest of ’em.

via gizmodo

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Step 2

Step 2 is to take account of all your personal assets.

Physical assets. hair? yes and no. face. pwede na. body? yikes. carlo and i took a body composition analyzer which you can get from any mercury drug store. here’re my results (taken july 15 2010):
age 32.
height 5’6″
weight 142 lbs (not bad, i guess)
body mass index 22.9
bmr (capability to burn at rest) 6172 kJ or 1475 kcal
fat % 23.7 (desirable range is 17-23%. that means im borderline overweight)
fat mass 33.6lbs (desirable range is 22.2 to 32.4lbs)
the results indicated my target body fat should only be 20% of my total weight, i should ideally be 135lb heavy (based on my weight and age) with a fat mass of 27lb. that means i have to lose 6.6lbs to achieve my ideal weight. tootsie, how hard is it to lose 6lbs? ghad.

Medical history. i had asthma as a kid. im prone to vertigo (triggered by stress and msg). i have dermatitis (inherited from my maternal lola). i itch a lot at night (even after bathing before going to sleep), i have no idea why. my sisters have scoliosis and probably so do i. im allergic to shrimp but i can eat bagoong. im allergic to msg but i can eat lucky mi pansit canton. im allergic to crab. im lactose intolerant. my dad is diabetic and has been diagnosed with cancer (prostate, 2007) and a brain tumor (1998, benign). chances are, id die of cancer or get eaten by fire ants, a very japanese horror film way to die.

Material assets. i have 3 boxes of books here in katipunan and probably 3 more in cdo. i have 2 bookshelves with other books and magazines as well. we’ve tons of props and materials for shoot, stored in plastic containers and some in huge orocan plastic bins. i have a clothes steamer i bought 2 years ago and a trolley from ace hardware we almost never use. my closet houses a decently-sized wardrobe but i have lots of underwear that are more expensive than my tshirts. ive my Luna (MBP) and my 2 mobile phones. i dont have a car and my MRT ticket has expired. 3 years ago i had a bed built and bought a new mattress for it. i bought my first ever ever tv last june with a nice home theater package. it now sits on the antique tv cabinet i got from my grandparents’ house (apparently that set was bought by my dad years ago so now it’s back with us hehehe). it also cost me a fortune to have my room and the public spaces of the house retiled. if i were to lose everything today, what 1 item would i want saved?

Financial assets. no comment 🙂 i learned not to talk about whether i have much or i have none. in the end, it doesnt really matter. but im thankful i have enough to eat out or buy groceries, pay the bills and watch a few movies every now and then.

Spiritual assets. ive the good Lord covering my back but im lacking on doing the other way around. i wouldnt consider myself a backslider, but i havent been praying much and finding time to worship the Lord. i should get my schedule fixed so i can pursue my old ministries in the choir and with the youth.

taking stock of what you have, which asset is more important to you? send your answers to 2677. per dti series of 2010.


Step 1

Step 1 to achieve peaceful inner self and nirvana is to clean your house. Get rid of things you dont need! Besides, we cant bring all our material “wealth” (if you may call your sentimental junk that) to heaven.

This will help you learn to let go of things you actually dont need, like that electric coaster you got as a gift or the box that came with the printer you’re saving to fill with more junk that you also need to throw out.

By this, you will realize you can actually see the floor and can move around. Seats are meant to be sat down by you, not a terminally temporary storage for paperwork. That funky smell will go away once you throw out that old mattress you set aside for guests. You will feel liberated and the new minimalist look of your house might actually go well with the chinois triptych wall decor you thought was a good bargain from bangkal. I tell you, take those down! Eww.

Just let go! You wont feel better afterwards but youll appreciate the long term benefits in the long run. Sure.

laundry therapy, musings

spring cleaning

the past month, ive been doing a lot of cleaning. before i left for mindanao, we cleaned out the back area in katipunan, throwing away old baskets, bottles, boxes, even a dried up rat carcass. in cagayan de oro, i cleared out my closets of junk and began to organize the whole mezzanine bodega. one closet now contains mostly old decor from the 80s, the other contains books. one closet houses my cousin’s stuff and another, my sister’s sentimental junk. in the end i had about 3 balikbayan boxes of old clothes ready for sharing/giving away/selling/burning, 2 boxes of old shoes, and 1 with old bags. i filled up my big orocan trashbin 6 times!


this extended back to manila when i took time to sift through my boxes of old papers, readings, books and magazines. design magazines went to 1 pile, fashion to another, movie mags another. i threw out old issues and some i would probably not read again. overall i filled up a big sack of papers for throwing and another box of readings that can be recycled.

in lots of ways, the practice of cleaning up is therapeutic and by ridding material extensions of myself, it is spiritually cleansing as well. if i cant organize and clean out my room, how well can i fix my life? i need to identify new goals and plot out my life’s direction.  routinary actions and unhealthy habits need to be recognized and changed i.e. my spending lifestyle is not parallel to my earning capacity or how my mother raised me up to be, im spending more than i can afford and i dont care anymore.

i used to be ambitious, full of dreams and ideas.  now, i just went through a really bad burn-out, my grandmother and my dog died, im jaded about most things and indifferent to the rest.  yet, the world continues to change and we’re starting to feel the effects of climate change; the world is going down as we speak. we’re all getting older, my skin is breaking out every week and my midsection gets wider every month.  im only 32, for crying out loud!  i need to make the most of life before we fall off the face of the earth.

time to take out the trash yet again.

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chorizo love

Everybody who knows me well enough know i go bonkers over the chorizo from cdo. i remember this from my childhood when having chicken a’la carte in cogon market, usually eaten with puso (rice in a woven palm leaves bag).  Sweet and best grilled over hot coals, cousin ygan has since been serving this chorizo in his bbq spot in nacalaban st.  cagayan de oro.

Probably unknown to him, he was mentioned in an article on street fare by food magazine in nov 2008. Im posting the scan below. three cheers to bbq’ed chorizo and to cagayan de oro! wohoo!  🙂

ygan diaz’s bbq is an a’la carte dining eatery located at 29 nacalaban st, cagayan de oro, near the cagayan medical center. they usually open around 5pm until a little after midnight. aside from my favorite chorizo, they also serve grilled chicken, fish and a lot more.  beside the bbq place is mandex bar. more on that in another post  🙂

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past imperfect. future tense

We shot a film in may this year with the same motley crew of MANGATYANAN. i had the most fun working with jerrold tarog and his staff that i had to do his next feature.

SENIOR YEAR coming to you soon! 🙂  btw, the poster was designed by arnold arre (mythology class, martial law babies). more on this film later. yey!

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I havent written anything much here since Graba’s death in may 2010. Not in wordpress, not in facebook nor elsewhere. I guess i havent recovered from it all along.

graba at 2 months

He was the 2nd pomeranian to live in katipunan and was a complete opposite of Nuk. Where Nuk was reserved and preferred to be alone, Graba was a ball of energy and was excited to greet everybody that enters the house. He was smart, emphatic and super cute. It was a no-brainer he’d be friendly to the new dog in the house, pogi, when we brought him in december of 2009.

Theyve become inseparable ever since. Of course they had their spats and petty squabbles but Graba would be the reason why a shar-pei, bred to be an aggresive guard dog, would grow up to be playful and loving. Pogi, always surround by this small breed of dogs, grew larger but thinks he’s as small and lightweight as Graba and Nuk.

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