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blogging in january

it’s almost mid january. we’re halfway through shooting brillante mendoza’s film with seiko currently titled “foster” with the magnificent cherry pie picache in the title role. i still work as prod designer for mendoza here and next month i will be looking for greener pastures somewhere mundane. im looking forward to another short break (i hope) in mindanao or a trip to batanes with tita tems, if my funds allow me. tita tems got pictures from architect-friend joven ignacio of batanes as he is doing a study in the area. the pictures are magnificent, an untouched virgin piece of land, almost nomadic in nature and totally lord-of-the-ringish new zealand quality to it. complete with goats running on fields and the ocean surf breaking the silence of the overcast afternoon. i got all that from a friggin piece of snapshot. crazy ! 😀

had an amazing vacation last christmas. dropped by dumaguete before the xmas break to visit His magnanimous faisal alih and the royal family. a fun 2 nights of unwinding and piano-playing, videoking, walking down the beach and merienda-ing at the famous sans rival cafe.

then i surprised my family by arriving unannounced in mindanao. haha. cuzins (pamangkins actually) came over mindanao to enjoy the company of the locals and the environment. cuzin ace wrote out a wonderful plan visiting key sites in camiguin for an overnight trip. our third day was spent washing clothes in the rapids of the cagayan river ergo white water rafting 😀 my first time. totally amazing, ubber fun. of course i love the water but i havent really trekked down a river in a long time (last time was when we were kids in GUSA in the 80s). exciting three days there, the next time my cuzins-pamangkins come over we’ll try going up lake sebu in cotabato.

crazy this so-called life. love it ! cheers !


kasal kasali kasalo

30 minutes into the movie and i wanted out. hahaha i expected much from this underdog blockbuster (what?). but after hearing nothing but cat fights and derogatory remarks from characters and nobody to root for or pin my hopes on, i began to hate most of the characters including the two leads. it was like, why would one scene este, night of looking lovingly into each other’s eyes and one piece of dialogue indicating it’s been 4 months since they would then decide to get married? i hoped there would be moments still that there would be any justification that judy ann and ryan were in love but waiting the next 30minutes for that and still no moment taxed on my patience. i know myself to be a patient man but this takes the cake. and to think i dragged my friend who wanted to watch blood diamond instead. i ended up paying his way into the DiCaprio starrer just to wash off KKK’s bickering past.