freeze frame

winner to.

and here’s the final cut

Product: Canon Digital Cameras
Director: Saman Keshavarz
Producers: Romson Niega, Tom Lee
Associate Producers: Francis Pollara, Nate Eggert
Cinematographer: Don Burton
Editor: Nate Tam
Production Design: Julie Chen
Sound Editor: Dan Bartolucci
Assistant Director: Johnny Ngo
Titles: Andrew Johnson
Visual Effects: John Carey
Colorist: Santiago Padilla
Stunt Coordinator: Ken Arata
Coreographer: Steven Butler
© 2009


wishlist oct 2010

ive been ranting on facebook of things i wanted and things i want to do at this time. i do believe in verbalizing and putting out into the universe things you want because just like what bevlee said, the universe listens. God listens and the universe reacts. dreams and wishes are prayers too. all you have to do is say it. and dreams do come true

i want to go back to europe and explore
i want to go back making short films
i want to enroll and study a few studio arts subjects like printmaking and take some theory classes
i want to visit relatives in the US
i want to go to new york
i want to design/produce furniture
i want to design/produce a clothing line, wala lang

i want a canon 5D MK2 or a 7D or a 550D
i want the new macbook air
i want an iPad (pushed to 2011) hehe
i want a 42″ 3D LED tv
i want a bluray player
i want to buy ALL the bluray discs on my pending cart haha

i want to open that dream cafe of ours (silofen cafe or rizal&blumentritt)

i want a house in RER2
i want trees in the bukidnon property
i want a real farm

i want a designer suit
i want a new jacket
i want a new pair of jeans
i want doc martens
i want dsquared
i want topman
i want zara
i want springfield
i want 2(x)ist
i want fnh haha ftw

this list will grow longer. im happy to be alive

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van gogh is cuckoo

had a very interesting night at van gogh is bipolar. FA classmate egan jimenez held a photo exhibit that opened today at the cafe.  took me a 2nd tagging of his invites on FB to haul my ass off and go (i dragged jhem manalang along with me).  i missed the company of egan and van gogh owner jetro, plus sir tats enriquez (missed cesar hernando by a half hour) and had a wonderful night of conversation over beer and tea.

at the back wall are egan’s photos enlarged on plywood canvasses. i especially loved his amsterdam photo and the steps of the sistine chapel. jetro here decided to take off his shirt and wear the michelangelo’s david apron he got from italy.

listened to jetro’s stories in europe. his new motto in life is apparently hakuna matata. somewhere in scandinavia he met this old man with a thick white beard and long hair. he looked like a bum but jetro found out while talking to the guy that he was 1 of 3 remaining artists in sweden or something. And he plans to move in here in the philippines in november on fulfilling a life-long dream of retiring and dying here. and that he’s planning to buy an island and stay there. oh, and he has a pinay girlfriend.  i say, there’s no place like home.

flags of countries from jetro recent euro trip hang outside the cafe.

how is a tea party without tea pots?

jetro’s teas are grown from his own yard out in isabella. with the storm he tells me his trees have been uprooted. i asked, how was his family.  well, they have still have a roof, he says.


we dined at next-door black soup cafe but finished here in the red wall boudoir. the piece of knit hanging above i loved.  later i find out it was from gilda cordero. much later jetro tells me it was chinchin gutierrez’s costume from the stage musical, luna (aswang romance).  so much cooler.


jetro did not serve dinner that day but his cafe became a soup kitchen of sorts.  on the foreground is his chicken soup (lovely); in mid ground is his travel journal (which includes an unsent letter to oprah).

jetro confesses his trip eventually became spiritual. by the 3rd week in europe he unloads most of his stuff and sends it back to the pinas. along the way he’d leave behind some of his clothes, realizing he doesnt need so much material stuff. by the 3rd month in europe, he’s left with a shirt, his jeans, shoes and bag. he even gave away his cellphone. he’s slept on floors, in bus stations, dined with the rich and convened with the poor.  he tells me his life in manila is complicated, realizing people can live on less and be happy. and he realized he was afraid of so many things. he says, by learning to let go of all anxiety and fear, only then can we really live.

this lace umbrella, used as a shade, was sourced from belgium in jetro’s recent euro tour.

a lot of us have wild dreams of being rich and traveling all over, experiencing what the whole world has to offer. he’s prodding me it’s time to resume pursuing mine. jetro declared to robert he was leaving for europe then. robert asked when, to which he replied soon. jetro surmises if he didnt leave now then he might never will. so off he went, just like that.

if only we could be as adventurous with fate and destiny, we will realize we were always meant to be where we only thought we’d go.

and just like that, i became more inclined to take that trip back to europe to live out a fantasy.  ever since carlo was invited to go to europe (for work) in february next year, i wanted to go back there too.  my first euro trip 5 years ago was only 5 days long. now i wanna stay for a month or two!  i want to go back shooting my short films and a bit of photography so im vying for a good DSLR (how about a canon 550D for now?).  my finances will need to brace itself but maybe i need to live off the edge a bit.  otherwise i wouldnt get to where i need to be.  you only live once.  no day but today.

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scandinavian chic

i swear on hamlet’s dad this is absolutely charming.

to be able to attain this kind of quasi-minimalist clutter here in the philippines, you gotta have a huge house. then add crazy big windows (which we have in mindanao btw) and you’re almost there. except that you’d be insane to put glass on your windows because it’s so hot here. and the sun never gets to this angle in the house. oh well.

omg eames chairs! and a coral! i know right? bad bad bad. but i love it! have one in my room.  and the big letters! hahaha im crazy cray cray over text i havent decided what to put on my walls!

the next two photos have darker walls but nevertheless charming.  and it can work in so many houses in the philippines who cant afford to do final plastering and paint their bare cement walls. all you need is a cheese cloth table cover and frame invisible pictures and you’re all set!  🙂

you can get more swedish love from emma’s design blog, so much love!

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i was once a filmmaker

before all these pd work on tv commercials, before regal films and centerstage, revolver and abracadabra, before doing design for brillante mendoza and jerrold tarog and chito rono and tikoy aguiluz, before getting the urian and a ycc, before graduating and all the bills, i was once a filmmaker. i wouldnt go as far as say i was great, but i was a friggin filmmaker.

and i got reminded of that by eating my instant pancit canton.

and watching the trailer of amorres perros.

in high school and college i got interested in a lot of movies. i read about some highly-praised films that i would never get my hands on. being in the province with no access to obscure movies and art house films, plus technology would not be pirate friendly for another 10 years, i was cinema-starved.

in 2000 i transferred to the college of fine arts and met kindred spirits who were also hungry for good movies. we fed on films by fincher, lynch, inarritu, mike de leon, lav diaz, tornatorre and of course on lucky me pancit canton and red horse beer. after a few years, pirated dvds and players started popping up in quiapo and it was the motherload. we continued feeding on more world cinema along with our unsatiated appetite for pancit canton and moud halal’s roasted chicken and kabsa rice.

back then we dreamed of films, ate films, breathed films. ive been lucky to have shot, produced and directed a few short films. we were living the dream, quite frankly.

before i graduated, my choices of meals were cheap or cheaper. when i started working (with then PD dante mendoza), i could afford to watch more movies on the wide screen and eat in a variety of restaurants. more when i started to do my own PD work in tv commercials and films. now it was a choice of whether we’d eat japanese, italian, pinoy or whatnot, no matter the price.

today i stayed home and waited for the rain. by the time the roofs started their staccato beat, i got hungry and cooked a batch of pancit canton. who’d have thought this bowl got me reminiscing and find enlightenment?

before all these pd work on tv commercials, before regal films and centerstage, revolver and abracadabra, before doing design for brillante mendoza and jerrold tarog and chito rono and tikoy aguiluz, before getting the urian and a ycc, before graduating and all the bills, i was once a filmmaker. i wouldnt go as far as say i was great, but i was a friggin filmmaker.

and i got reminded of that by eating my instant pancit canton.  and now maybe it’s time to go back and make my own films.

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kitchen! i love

how cute is this? i want a kitchen like this. exactly this much light exposure, contrast and pseudo grit. first i need a house.

then again, maybe i really just like that grocery signage they put above the shelves. i love text, i love type faces. i swear i will be tattooing “i love arial over verdana” on my arms one of these days.  reposted from country living