wishlist oct 2010

ive been ranting on facebook of things i wanted and things i want to do at this time. i do believe in verbalizing and putting out into the universe things you want because just like what bevlee said, the universe listens. God listens and the universe reacts. dreams and wishes are prayers too. all you have to do is say it. and dreams do come true

i want to go back to europe and explore
i want to go back making short films
i want to enroll and study a few studio arts subjects like printmaking and take some theory classes
i want to visit relatives in the US
i want to go to new york
i want to design/produce furniture
i want to design/produce a clothing line, wala lang

i want a canon 5D MK2 or a 7D or a 550D
i want the new macbook air
i want an iPad (pushed to 2011) hehe
i want a 42″ 3D LED tv
i want a bluray player
i want to buy ALL the bluray discs on my pending cart haha

i want to open that dream cafe of ours (silofen cafe or rizal&blumentritt)

i want a house in RER2
i want trees in the bukidnon property
i want a real farm

i want a designer suit
i want a new jacket
i want a new pair of jeans
i want doc martens
i want dsquared
i want topman
i want zara
i want springfield
i want 2(x)ist
i want fnh haha ftw

this list will grow longer. im happy to be alive


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