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visit to caramoan

pic by neil daza. cheers!


visited caramoan island in camsur bicol a few weeks ago for a location check for the film. we brazenly took to the 8 hour road trip and hopped on a 1.5hour bangka ride to “shorten” our trip, that eventually got us at casa del roa by 11am the next day, almost 13 hours after we left manila. we then had to proceed to gota beach and get on another bangka to see the islands including honongan, lahos, matukad and tayak.






caramoan is beautiful. too bad when i got back last weekend to start work on the preparations for the film’s shoot this week, i learned that they clean-shaved the island forests in time for survivor asia’s leg here in the philippines in february. so what we saw of lush jungle forests set against the limestone rocky mountains in the middle of clear blue waters are no longer existing.



ergo hindi na pwede pang shoot! on top of that, the weather forecasts tell of thunderstorms and a low depression area in the vicinity and most likely a storm on its way. around 12hours after we arrived on camsur this weekend, we get a text from the line producer that the shoot there is packed-up and postponed indefinitely. and that we had to hurry back to manila immediately. good luck.


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preparations 1

update. i am ngarag. yeah. what else is new?

preparations have been grueling and the shoot day challenges are like a soldier’s at battle. try going into war with a knife, not a sword or a bayonet or an automatic rifle, just a knife that you borrowed from your neighbor’s cuzin. and you could only afford to buy a piece of cloth to wrap the handle so the bare metal wouldnt cut your fingers off.

and the battle wages on. sulong mga kapatid. more updates when i have time. that would come around november. hehehe cheers!