zsazsa zaturnnah ze muzikal

ive seen the show before at the PETA. im a fan of the book so the musical version was not to be missed. however, jhem and i were late then so we missed out 10-15 minutes of the show. and we sat on the balcony so the experience was not that fabulous. thus carlo and i looked forward to watching it (again for me, 1st time for carlo) now that it is having another run at the CCP.

got tickets earlier in the week and incidentally it was also valentines haha (date pala itey).  the seats were great as we were 10 rows away from the stage. perfect! just last week i was at the CCP backstage waiting to fit eula valdez for a commercial we shot. and a few weeks before that we also got to work with kalila aguilos on another tvc. so we were double excited to see them onstage.

despite the technical problems with the lapels, the witty and gay (happy) swordplay of words still brought the crowd to stitches. and eula definitely is still and will always be zsazsa zaturnnah  🙂  unfortunately kalila wasnt playing in the matinee show. meliza reyes played and she was good as well, really strong voice (great soprano) and she looked like lea salonga (ergo she started singing sun and moon onstage).  lauren novero, who i worked with in kaleldo years ago, played dodong.  his voice sounded tired but at least the song will always be memorable (ikaw ang superhero ng buhay ko).  nar cabico was hilarious as didi. too bad i never saw ricci chan play didi in the original run  😦

if i had known carlo vergara would be at the theater to sign books i would have brought my copy. instead we bought the souvenir program and the cd and i had that signed by vergara, de jesus and eula herself.  in the world of showbiz, i dont expect the stars to remember names as you meet a lot of people in this line of work. was thrilled and surprised she remembered my name haha (she signed the cd and wrote “to ben…” without asking me my name. ubber coolness!