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trip home and back and home and back

black saturday april 7 i traveled to hometown cagayan de oro with titatems and tito-ed to visit the clan. from thereon i stayed until after laya’s birthday on may2. i decided to paint my room dark gray while i was there and purchased a new mattress and two-tone deep red curtains. i would have scored the facing room wall myself to reveal its original cement surface but given that i couldnt even finish a foot area in an hour, i dropped the hammer and went to the mall instead. i ate my way through my vacation and gained a few inches on both sides of my face. food is always an abundance in the provinces. glorious food.

carlo flew in cdo for a few days before we headed to zamboanga for the TNT event there. ate seafood like the ocean would dry up the next day. and we stayed at the astoria in zamboanga ! hehe. a regular hotel but one of the best in the city. was great to reacquaint myself with zamboanga as i had major fun the last time i was there.

after laya’s birthday carlo and i flew back manila for the last leg of talk and text gaaniversary. waited for tito omar and tita tina’s arrival from hawaii on the 16th. went back home cdo on the 17th as escort, guide, photographer and videographer, bellboy, bellhop and grocery packer. astig.

we had tons of fun, vegging out in the hotel and talked about what is good and bad with the phils, the US, and about family history (gossip). pic below was taken at home, first night of the fellowship of the ring, involving tons of canned goods, a roasted pig and videos from my grandparents’ 50th anniversary. click to enlarge:

i flew back to manila with them to attend tita tina’s uncle’s 50th birthday in manila hotel by the 23rd. got a coat and a tie and i was set. afterwards we headed to bataan to see tita tina’s family. took a dip in the mountain spring overlooking the whole of bataan in my underwear. they followed suit of course. ate lots of mangoes and more seafood. one morning i weighed in at 60kls. by the evening i gained another kilo. the horror ! hahaha then it was back to manila and more shopping before they flew back to hawaii. talk about jetsetting! did i mention i love to travel? ūüėÄ

musings, travel

gaaniversary 2007

had a field day working with carlo in the talk and text gaaniversary tour¬†particularly in alaminos pangasinan, gov. camins zamboanga and in liwasan ni bonifacio in manila. helped carlo construct his photo jeep and piggy roletas (i sanded, finished and painted –setman ang dating !) and went on to assist him for setup initially at alaminos.

the tour afforded me to see the hundred islands and check-in for free at the hotel astoria in zamboanga, and cover the backs of dominic ochoa, tuesday vargas (who is ubber hilarious with her stage antics), rufa mae, vhong and dindo (the quintessential jeepney driver!)  haha the excite events people were cool and under pressure they still found time to crack jokes and make kakulitan to each other (so cono !) i particularly admire the work of willie, head of logistics, who never stopped working for 4 days to oversee the entire area setup from scratch until strikedown at the end of the tour! kudos to you

here are a few photos of the tour:


retro fit

as i fix this wordpress account i begin to read up on my old blog entries and it’s a bit disconcerting how i now hate my writing style some years back.¬† too much talk ! too many words, too many mistakes.¬† there is beauty in less talk, grace in the minimal, elegance in the … see, too much too soon. i must stop!

stop. my past comes to haunt me.  cheers!