cuzin tootsie and katipunan

dear cuzin tootsie,

yes i miss you too and our time here in katipunan. it, indeed, has been quite some time since you last walked down the avenue. katipunan has become home to us, our comfort living space extending beyond the 47L door. from the kanto to shoppersville, we’ve never gotten uneasy or have felt danger in this place. the crisp night air and the neon lit pavement creates a certain spell on passersby. walking in your house clothes to mcdonald’s or the bank justifies calling it your own.

you’d only have to cross the street to get to dance rehearsals while i take the jeep to choir practice. back in our time there was such a thing as a pedestrian walk across gate 3. what to eat was always a challenge, sisig at ken afford (can’t afford), chicken at bacolod, adobo at box o’ rice, chickenjoy, bigmac, mocha frap, bunch o’ lunch with extra basket of mojos. astig!

more for you: alpombra ni aling charing, mongolian eat-all-you-can at sweet inspiration, your annoying security guard over at chicken bacolod (he’s still there). no more mr. quickly nor goodah, instead you get stuffed crust pan pizzas where that stood once upon a time. gayuma, after being burned down, has moved to a new location near mcdonald’s. you missed seven-eleven and yellow cab by a few years, not that it’s important, considering theyre american franchises anyway.

wish you were here. come and visit us sometime. now na!
kuya bin


malls and rain

yesterday it rained hard and i had to protect my pretty bald head from getting drizzled on. i waited for the sky to clear up a little before i braved the streets of mandaluyong. was stuck in rain and traffic for more than what i was willing to wait for. texted Tony i’d be late but couldnt get a signal. it figures. there’s no SUN (network) during rainy days! and yet, in the climate-controlled, daylight fluorescent lit halls of megamall, the SUN was shining.

i finally made it to megamall walking from the underworld of the shaw station through the gleaming facade of shangrila and down the tin-roofed walkway of megamall’s parking lot into the great belly of the beast itself. a lot of people took to shelter there and though nobody was buying anything, there remains the hope that they will. thus the evil cycle of capitalism unceasingly rolls.

and so i rant again. mindlessly, i went on. the power of the sun could keep me on unlimited calls and texts but the network’s overloaded with other calls so i couldnt get through. texting was the way to go. and in the microcosm society of megamall i still had a bit of power.

it used to be that society was ruled by the government and the church. nowadays if you were to look for church and state pieced together in one accord, you’ll find your little society in the boxed walls of megamall. i need to get an insurance. invest. get a loan. have to eat. get bread. buy school supplies. meet my people. go to church. get updated on what’s new. take a crap. got milk?

life is a commodity. everything for grabs. SALE. buy one take one. use your advantage card to avail of prizes and surprises. Life at 10% off. your soul at half the price. everything in its place. at the mall.

we got it all for you.