me time at the mall


had a bit of time for myself. while waiting for carlo have his hair cut, i journey to handiman in trinoma for an rca cord, new deadbolts for the screen door (because pogiboy has yet again destroyed the dead bolts three weeks ago), a new powercord extension and some screws. i eventually decided to buy screw drivers because it’s hard to drive screws in hard to reach areas using a swiss army knife. opted to buy the cheap ones coz i know i lose them fairly easily and there’s no consoling me if i buy then lose the expensive stanley ones. my dad would have rolled his eyes on that decision.

when they announced ABOVE THE CLOUDS was to resume shooting in july i knew i had to go back working in tv commercials right away. and just like that, blessings came in and we were doing shoots one after the other in the last few weeks. thank you Lord for the blessings. i actually missed working in tvcs and ive been enjoying the stress again haha

currently helping out with the stage design for another play for this year’s virgin labfest to be held at the CCP. the play is directed by melvin lee. unfortunately, like last year i wont be able to see the play because im flying to mindanao next week to do location oculars for a new film project shooting in september. i cant divulge details as the project is still confidential but im excited to work for this one with a cool director and reuniting with old friends from the captive group of companies 😉 also, the fact we’re shooting in mindanao means ill be right at home speaking with the natives. yey!

also in the works is another jerrold tarog movie i prayed would happen and now it’s happening. im excited not only because carlo and i get to work with jerrold again but the genre is a pretty challenging one and if we have to work on something of this magnitude, we would rather do it with jerrold. preprod for this will be months before we start shooting early next year so im excited and thankful for the long prep time.

last month my mother underwent a cataract removal surgery on her left eye (or was it the right?) pretty standard stuff but you should have seen how excited my mom was after she recovered from the surgery. apparently she’s been practically blind with the cataract and now that she can see so much clearer, she’s been enjoying tv more and facebooking a lot and stuff. she no longer trips coz she can see where she’s going. it’s such a blessing and with all the work projects im currently getting, i can pay for her next set of surgery with her defective tear ducts and the cataract removal of her other eye. ayha na ang boots na gusto nako paliton, unahon ang mata ni madeer!

it’s nearly 5pm and ive finished my coffee. carlo will be here any minute so that’s it for now. cheers and have a happy weekend!