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it’s laundry time. tambak na da labada. wait, what’s dot?



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gulay stash

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the last stash of our 4-week organic vegetable and salad pack subscription from the good food community arrived yesterday. their bayong packs consist of organic produce in season or whichever is ripe for the picking on that particular week. this week’s batch included creamy avocadoes, some chilis, lots of malunggay and camote tops. the salad pack of lettuce, arugula and some basil came wrapped in banana leaves.

fresh kung fresh talaga. they also easily wilt, showing it is grown without artificial fertilizers or insecticides. here’s proof of that:

2013-09-03 19.25.26-1

a little praying mantis was found packed in with the goodies 😉 ahlovet!

the 4-week subscription is Php 1,600 (or 400 per week) and their 12-week subscription is Php 4,200 (or 350 per week). every tuesday you get one bayong of veggies good enough for a week (or less). there are different other packs available. if you want more info on the packs and on how to order, check out their website and start eating healthy 😉

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when my dad passed away

my father passed away august 23 last year from complications due to prostate cancer and we recently marked his first death anniversary. he was diagnosed stage 4 around 2008 or 2007. there have been photos posted online (mostly in facebook, which im reposting here) but some i didnt or wouldnt have posted until now. some intimate moments with the family. all were taken with a phone camera.

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coffee before the movie


sharing a cup of brewed coffee with carlo before stepping into the theater at trinoma to watch OTJ (ON THE JOB). it has become a ritual for us mainly because somewhere between 20mins to 40 minutes into the movie i always doze off. and it’s not because the movie was bad but because im old like that.

ive slept through tons of the greatest movies of this generation. ok, all movies. prometheus, pacific rim, man of steel, snow white and the huntsman, the avengers, superman returns, avatar, harry potter 7.1 and 7.2, the dark knight rises, jerrold tarog’s aswang, alvin yapan’s debosyon and even erik matti’s the arrival.

it’s not the film, it’s me.

hence the coffee. i love you guys. i love you papa p. i love you pelikula.

watch OTJ. out now in cinemas. i think i read on twitter direk erik matti said the screening copy at trinoma is film, not dcp. cant wait! 😉