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Original and Intriguing 5 in 1 Home in Tokyo

i love the concept of this house, though i wouldnt necessarily want to live here. carlo would have a hell of a time climbing up and down those and pogi will have to catch up (but he can climb stairs), not to mention our props and shooting stuff hehehe but i love how it looks πŸ™‚Β  but this house would be extremely hot in the pinas, given its use of glass windows and low ceiling design. ay hwag nalang. adik nga ako hahaha

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In childhood many of us have probably drawn a sketch similar to the one belonging to the project in the photos below. You know, where you scribble a simple classical house shape and then you place another one on top? Even though this analogy has the risk of minimizing the effect that this original project might have, we only made the crazy comparison to highlight the overall simplicity of this idea and as you know, simplicity is bliss. The Tokyo Apartment building was designed by Sou Fujimoto and features five independent cribs connected through stairs. We really appreciate the uniqueness of this building, the way it contrasts the other neighborhood houses and its overall design. However, having to climb or descend a ladder every time you have to step into another room might prove to be irritating in time. How do you feel about this building? Photos by Iwan Baan

Tokyo Apartment 11 Original and Intriguing 5 in 1 Home in Tokyo

Original and Intriguing 5 in 1 Home in Tokyo

5 in 1 home

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my tangigue steak at some resto in calamba was an inch thick! winner ü

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pogi at the punerarya

currently working on a pelikula produced by regal. who’d have expected id be eventually working with motherlily? i know i didnt haha the shoot has been going on pretty well so far. in fact, it’s much better than my own expectations, reservations and fears.

working wd jerrold tarog again, my director for mangatyanan (2009) and senior year (may 2010). rounding up the familiar and equally loveable are DOP mackie galvez, AD/PM bianca balbuena plus gaffer ritchie de padua. if only regal shot their movies with wild sound, sound recordist kulas varela would have joined in the funk, making this the third move we’d all make together (carlo only got to join the team in senior year).

and speaking of the familiar, pogi was able to visit the set on day2, much like how he did during senior year. and this blog is really only about that haha here im posting a phot0 of him with actress, carla abellana. apparently carla loved dogs so i asked that i take a photo of them both. pogi got very excited and started to slather carla with his laway. oops.Β  next time ill try to take a photo of him with the other actors (sid lucero aod gaby dela merced). cheers!

here is pogi tired from the day’s shoot on the trip home. he gets a whole couch on the van while me and my staff are crammed in the other. become a fan of POGI on facebook by visiting his official page and clicking Like πŸ™‚



ive been tweeting more now than ive been fezbooking or blogging. i am certain facebook has eaten up a hefty amount of time i could have used for real life like cleaning the house, taking care of pogi or doing more creative stuff, like watching more glee (and singing along, there you go). i took the conscious route to cut down my fezbook time and instead resorted to tweeting.

short, sweet, and concise, tweets are perfect for adiks on the run and hardcore people with ADHD. theyre easier to read and follow, plus they push people to be witty and measured with their shoutouts. so i monitor my threads there more than fb.

i only check facebook now when people tag me. besides, ive put most everbody on hide or have unfriended some to declutter my feed haha and on twitter, i get to stalk some personalities like steve martin, cheyenne jackson, josh groban, jim carrey, ramon bautista and yes, charice. hahaha

if you feel like it, follow me on πŸ™‚ cheerio!