ive been tweeting more now than ive been fezbooking or blogging. i am certain facebook has eaten up a hefty amount of time i could have used for real life like cleaning the house, taking care of pogi or doing more creative stuff, like watching more glee (and singing along, there you go). i took the conscious route to cut down my fezbook time and instead resorted to tweeting.

short, sweet, and concise, tweets are perfect for adiks on the run and hardcore people with ADHD. theyre easier to read and follow, plus they push people to be witty and measured with their shoutouts. so i monitor my threads there more than fb.

i only check facebook now when people tag me. besides, ive put most everbody on hide or have unfriended some to declutter my feed haha and on twitter, i get to stalk some personalities like steve martin, cheyenne jackson, josh groban, jim carrey, ramon bautista and yes, charice. hahaha

if you feel like it, follow me on 🙂 cheerio!


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