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movie marathon

i normally wouldnt have the time to watch movies nowadays. it’s something i actually miss. we were movie freaks in college doing wednesday screenings at FA, running to greenbelt for the cinemanila, hobnobbing with indie actors at the CCP and stuff like that. i buy a lot of dvds all the time and download a lot of movies i never see (and i know there are more like me out there; raise your hands, kids).

after tuesday’s shoot and carlo being in cebu, i found myself all by my lonesome the last few days, which afforded me to not just update my blog but to catch up on my movie list. here are the stuff ive been watching and a few comments on them, in chronological order of watching:
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Gatorade Propel ARNIS

oh yes! FINALLY a video of the gatorade propel arnis tvc we worked on is up. got the vid from effie go (makeup) who i believe got it from jem lim (producer). and now it’s on youtube courtesy of moi haha cheers and here’s to a more active life!  what if you could defend your body against toxins and illnesses just by drinking water?

CLIENT: Pepsi Co Phils
PROD HOUSE: Revolver Studios
DOP: Odyssey Flores
PD: Benjamin Padero
COSTUME: Carlo Tabije
ARTDEPT: Fer Galindez, Harley Alcasid, Buboy Crauz (setman)

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space chimps (2008)

downloaded this animated movie about the first chimps to space.  overall it was a cute movie despite seams of its CG showing at the sides, and i would have preferred a better texture for some surfaces.  kids younger than me would really not mind that so i guess this will still excite my niece and nephew.  a fairly low-budget endeavor that went straight to video, i think.  still ok to burn your weekday afternoons away.

i recognized kristin chenowith’s voice here as kilowat, the illuminating-head, high-c’s screaming alien character. stanley tucci of devil wears prada also lent his voice to the senator. 3 stars out of 5


cliff and marc


SPOILER ALERT!!! this is from ugly betty season 3 episode 8. cliff leaves the office after marc tells him he slept with someone else and proposed to marry cliff only because he was guilty. im sad for cliff, he’s one of my favorite side characters in the show. gay couples on tv are always the big muscled handsome kind and it’s great to have this kind of offbeat lovable normal guy (kinda like knockedup’s seth rogen) who would make a great partner if only marc lets go of unrealistic standards (granted he does work in a fashion magazine) and see cliff for who he really is. ayayay.  tomorrow we’re watching fringe episode 7. cant wait

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propel arnis no video yet


we worked on this commercial. proud of the work we put in despite the fact that you dont really see the detail of the costumes (carlo’s blood, sweat and tears) but nevertheless, for this we proved to ourselves we can do something as wild as this. ill post a full blog entry when i have time.

sorry nobody has uploaded the ad on youtube yet so i have nothing to put up here. hope you caught this on tv though.


betty’s rival

Photobucketwatched ugly betty’s season 3 episodes 5 & 6 back to back tonight and i got so fired up. lindsay lohan’s character is pure evil.

a large part of why shows like these work is that villains are multi-dimensional and are those you love to hate. her character, kimmy, was just pure hate. she stuck out like a real thorn on the side and apparently there were rumors lindsay also had a spat with america ferrera during shoots.  producers allegedly cut down her episodes from 6 to 4, with the recent one being her last. and good riddance. i dont think i could take another episode with her character in it, it was just plain irritating and infuriating i had to blog about it haha.

and in this episode they featured the tico berries, a fictional fruit which is really rambutan. yes, rambutan from your friendly side walk vendors.

now i can sleep knowing betty suarez land is right again. haha


btw, gio was back for episode 3. hehehe. ok sleep already. zzzzzzzzzzzz