oct 2017. due to changes in 3rd party hosting policy of photobucket dot com a few months ago, one of the many photo servers i use for the blog, a lot of the embedded photos in my blog would no longer show unless i pay for the service (which used to be free). so forgive the inconvenience because i will have to transfer all my content from photobucket to wordpress now and maybe just pay wordpress for cloud space instead.

freezer pic 7/11

when i started this blog years ago in the early 2000s, i built my website from scratch (html with the help of my cuzin ej) and hosted this on yahoo geocities. then i moved to another server site then blogger then settling in finally with wordpress. it can get frustrating having to move all the time but i generally have no choice. ive kept most of my content though (im really not sure haha) but whatever. here i am.