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long play finds

jesus christ superstar ost toured my sister mamati and her husband papi to marikina shoe expo.  after saying hi to poninski at black soup, we scoured the thrift shops and was excited to find a long play copy (plaka) of jesus christ superstar in heritage. unfortunately the p500 tag price was way too much and i snuck it back where i got it and cursed the place.

in the next shop i found another copy of the lp and immediately bought it for p150.  although it was i believe the most expensive of the old plakas i got the past few months, it was worth it.  except for a few scratches the guy selling it says it’s still playable. ive been trying to get a good deal for the jcs soundtrack and now i got it! it included pages of photographs and a lyric insert. pretty exciting!  now i just have to get a turntable hehehe

west side story ostfew months back i got west side story also in marikina shoe expo for p75.  before that i was ecstatic to find zefirelli’s romeo and juliet lp and got it for p25 at evangelista in makati.  good thing i already got the cd of the thing and dont have to wait for the turntable to listen to it.

romeo and juliet ost ive been buying lps to build a small collection of favorite albums. other lps already stocked up at home include alvin and the chipmunks christmas album, the rescuers (salvaged from my childhood), the grease soundtrack (typical) and all that jazz. im still hoping to get plakas evoking nostalgia, things that include englebert humperdink and the theme from mahogany (surreal trip). 2nd hand laserdiscs are sold at p50 a piece at evangelista but i couldnt find any of my favorite movies to keep. cheers!

movies, musings

in the meantime

im back in manela since july 8 scrounging for scraps to feed myself.  currently working on a costume design project with carlo for the university of makati’s version of the siditious play, kahapon ngayon at bukas.  also working out some design stuff with smart.  and presently hoping and negotiating on working with top pinoy director on his latest horror film.  details later para dili maudlot hahaha


lucas boy’s day off


lucas boy agreed to go with us papayong and mamayette to limketkai mall on the condition that he rides on those mechanical carousel and animals. so after i bought a few items for my bday dinner at the grocery we headed off to the rides and he had his field day. nalingaw ra pud ang uncle.




writings on the wall


took pictures of the gate at our old velez house. apparently the chalk and marker writings we laid claim on the gate when we were kids havnt faded yet. the top pic shows tina and ben in markers and ana in chalk graffiti. the bottom is cuzin tootsie’s claim to the gate as well.



doorbell ni mommy.


door ni mamati.


papayong engraves his name on the cement driveway.