mommy lolet


on january 12, 2010, my grandmother was laid to rest. here ive reworked this blog entry to incorporate my cousins tootsie and paolo’s own reflections, which i then shared as eulogy to the family at the funeral service that day.

This is my grandmother, Dolores Golez Padero.

She never liked being called a Lola; she preferred to be called Mommy Lolet.  And that was how we knew her, Mommy Lolet, a woman who personified generosity, selflessness and unconditional love.  She was the real Miss Congeniality and lived a fruitful 86 years of her life with us, her family.

For as long as we apos could remember, she had been thin and frail-looking but she had the energy and spunk of an adolescent. She was feisty and looked after her grandchildren while the parents were away at work, running after us, up and down the stairs as we played our war games, feeding us with champorado and pancakes for breakfast and corned beef for lunch.

Her dedication to her family was insatiable.  Mommy’s constantly surrounded with photos of relatives here and abroad.  She loved receiving calls from her sistew from amewika or relatives in manila. Mommy would prepare little surprises and tell us things like “go look under my desk, there’s something for you,” and we’d find trike or cab fare ready for us.  She’d often write letters in long hand to family and in this age of emails, she’d mail hallmark cards that kept the post office in business for years. To Mommy Lolet, the family was her life.


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work ongoing.

work on both my room and tita an’s is currently ongoing. you see, we’re finally having our rooms tiled (for real!– the old vinyl tiles are soo 1991)! yey! it is clearly time for an upgrade. the public spaces in the house (dining, living room, kitchen) and the master bedroom have already been tiled the previous months. we had to go through 4 stores in cdo just so i could find my glossy white granite tiles (60x60cm). a bit expensive but i think it’s worth it. ill post pics once the work is done  😉  cheers!


it’s 2010! happy new year!


2009 was a great year. it’s my 2nd year of flying solo as designer and im having a grand time. made 1 film this year in zambales with the most fun group of filmmakers and won an award on the side. the work carlo and i put in on serbis last year was also recognized for an urian. finally enjoyed boracay’s famous beaches and parties in april. i consider myself blessed being able to take bi-annual vacations for the last few years and this year is no exception. cebupacific has been kind with their promotions and allowed my whole family to fly to manila in september and enjoy trips around the city. my dad’s health is much better, enough for him to live normally.  my nieces and nephews are all grown up!  comfirmed id prefer staying home or doing weekly groceries with carlo than living a vida loca.

as i look through the list of projects ive done this year, ultimately it’s time with family and loved ones that im most fulfilled with.  for that i thank the good Lord for his faithfulness.  i may have missed out on a lot of sunday worship services or devotion time, but he’s remained on my side. i know 2010 will be great as well, God willing. peace to all and have a happy new year!