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wherein we temple run the temples

we ran through the temples at siem reap in cambodia. here’s proof


benjamin padero 20130219padero cambodia--118.jpg

the first day of touring the temples in siem reap cambodia was spent on exploring angkor wat, perhaps the most famous of the temples in the area, this despite the bigger temple is angkor thom. buying our tickets the day before the tour allowed us to visit the site for free that afternoon and catch the sun set.

benjamin padero 20130218padero cambodia--68.jpg

benjamin padero 20130218padero cambodia--61.jpg

im glad we took this trip. it’s the first time my mother’s been out of the country for a very long time and one where we family were almost complete.

benjamin padero 20130219padero cambodia--146.jpg

we came back early the next day to catch the sun rise over the temple. a lot of people came while it was dark.

benjamin padero 20130219padero cambodia--198.jpg

benjamin padero 20130219padero cambodia--211.jpg

ive blogged about what the trip to siem reap meant to me here.

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almost game over?

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temple run

i thought i had it down pat.

on a whim and circumstance, i decided to purchase tickets for the whole family early last year so my dad’s wish to see cambodia would be granted. at that time, my dad was undergoing radiation therapy for his prostate cancer in manila and carlo and i just came back from ho chi minh city in vietnam. it would have been one where the family travels outside the Philippines together also because we’ve never done that before.

my dad was thrilled with the plan and it put his mind off things but it would still be a year before we could go. unfortunately, my dad never made it to see the temples. he passed away last august.

in his memory we proceeded with this trip. and seeing the beauty and majesty of this place, it breaks my heart a little (no, a lot) to not see him enjoy the sights, be with us in photos or to take his arm and help him up the corridors.

this trip is actually more emotional than i thought it would be.

payong, i saw a fisherman’s cap for sale at the angkor national museum this afternoon and i thought of you.

labyu, payong.


mommy lolet


on january 12, 2010, my grandmother was laid to rest. here ive reworked this blog entry to incorporate my cousins tootsie and paolo’s own reflections, which i then shared as eulogy to the family at the funeral service that day.

This is my grandmother, Dolores Golez Padero.

She never liked being called a Lola; she preferred to be called Mommy Lolet.  And that was how we knew her, Mommy Lolet, a woman who personified generosity, selflessness and unconditional love.  She was the real Miss Congeniality and lived a fruitful 86 years of her life with us, her family.

For as long as we apos could remember, she had been thin and frail-looking but she had the energy and spunk of an adolescent. She was feisty and looked after her grandchildren while the parents were away at work, running after us, up and down the stairs as we played our war games, feeding us with champorado and pancakes for breakfast and corned beef for lunch.

Her dedication to her family was insatiable.  Mommy’s constantly surrounded with photos of relatives here and abroad.  She loved receiving calls from her sistew from amewika or relatives in manila. Mommy would prepare little surprises and tell us things like “go look under my desk, there’s something for you,” and we’d find trike or cab fare ready for us.  She’d often write letters in long hand to family and in this age of emails, she’d mail hallmark cards that kept the post office in business for years. To Mommy Lolet, the family was her life.


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despedida of tita penny and tito ramon, after enjoying a week long stay in cagayan. the dinner turned out to be a mini reunion as the seniors were in attendance. daddy ongcs and mommy lolet. tito ne and tita baby. tita leone. the bulans, esguerras, tongcos, padero rer and velez, mai mai and son paolo, johnmark, mike and zeny, dodjie and krystal (christian), katrina, and kirby with boyfriend and baby andre, ta edna borja.


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dinner at mamati july 4 2008

food trip, musings

2008 birthday part 1


birthday dinner at mamati’s house velez cagayan de oro city mindanao philippines milky way universe. less food than the previous cdo birthday but no less exciting. and with more photos! this SAME SET of photos appears on multiply for the 4th time (1st time was by cuzin may, 2nd time by cuzin pating, 3rd time byu cuzin ej). but that doesnt stop me from posting it yet again hehehe cheers to you all! thanks for a great year and a great time!

update: so there’s no more link because multiply is no more. lol it’s 2018.