despedida of tita penny and tito ramon, after enjoying a week long stay in cagayan. the dinner turned out to be a mini reunion as the seniors were in attendance. daddy ongcs and mommy lolet. tito ne and tita baby. tita leone. the bulans, esguerras, tongcos, padero rer and velez, mai mai and son paolo, johnmark, mike and zeny, dodjie and krystal (christian), katrina, and kirby with boyfriend and baby andre, ta edna borja.


food trip, musings

dinner at mamati july 4 2008

food trip, musings

2008 birthday part 1


birthday dinner at mamati’s house velez cagayan de oro city mindanao philippines milky way universe. less food than the previous cdo birthday but no less exciting. and with more photos! this SAME SET of photos appears on multiply for the 4th time (1st time was by cuzin may, 2nd time by cuzin pating, 3rd time byu cuzin ej). but that doesnt stop me from posting it yet again hehehe cheers to you all! thanks for a great year and a great time!

update: so there’s no more link because multiply is no more. lol it’s 2018.