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food design in HENERAL LUNA

yesterday i had to go out and buy a newspaper, something i havent done in years! and it struck me that the same thing is happening to people with Heneral Luna, saying they havent been to the theater in years yet here they are. the Lord be praised!

Production designers Benjamin Padero and Carlo Tabije left no stone — or should I say plate — unturned when it came to the food styling.


col boyd was not crazy about the local food


the spread prepared by chef toto gonzales and chef gene. i explained to chef gene the scene would have been after dinner where the guests would have milled around to chat and gossip. chef gene suggested this lineup. we also discussed plating and i took notes, including flower arrangement!


our awesome executive producer, nando ortigas, all dressed up beside ms annie rocha, wife of our producer, ed rocha. on the right is line producer, daphne chiu.

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and now a word from our HENERAL LUNA sponsors

the last two weeks have been overwhelming really. from the premiere of HENERAL LUNA to the jitters prior to opening day and now we are on the 2nd week of HENERAL LUNA. we opened with 95 theaters, whittled down to 45 for the second week only to pickup and reach 70 by friday today. we only wanted to do a good movie and the phenomenon that this film has become is crazy. we can only be grateful and humbled by it. as our producer, ed rocha, explained on cnn, this movie has become bigger than ourselves. a lot of people have taken ownership of it and generally, we couldnt ask for more.

reposting here in its entirety a few words from our producer, ed rocha, and executive producer, nando ortigas, posted online 3 days ago:

Dear All,

This is simply to take this occasion, this profound moment in time, to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage, for your support, especially to those who’ve been relentlessly plugging away on Facebook or via social media, or by text, or even in person to spread the word and Continue reading