laundry therapy

work has been crazy the last 2 months. i was practically sick the entire time we worked on this year’s shake rattle and roll i cant even fathom how i survived it. im thankful of course that work caught up towards the end of this year, im not sure if it was enough to compensate the 3 months of idling away at home because the industry almost went on a standstill. then typhoon sendong happened in cagayan de oro, where im from, and iligan.

my family has been spared from the flood, thank you Lord. but running water in the city is nonexistent and it seems it will remain so for another month.  a lot of families have been displaced from the river area, and more found dead (960 as of last week’s count) making this the worse natural calamity to hit the country.  thank God i had my laundry done before i flew here (and was able to weed out clothes we werent using anymore and giving them up as relief goods so my closet is now decluttered and very much organized).  and because i was so busy on my last day in manila, i totally erred deciding i skip taking a bath prior to leaving for the airport because we were try to meet a work deadline AND packing for the trip. i forgot there was no water in CDO!

will enjoy my christmas weekend in mindanao but will have to fly back to manila right after to start preparations for a tvc in january.  what vacation?  unsa na? cheers and to more shoot projects and hopefully to more blog entries!