have to admit we got frostbitten by the Disney movie, FROZEN. i really don’t think we need to explain this obsession any further 😉 im sure my neighbors are sick by now listening to LET IT GO blasting from our speakers every 2 hours. this evening, for some reason we got around to writing the visayan version to the lyrics of DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN for fun (i included here an edited line from my godmother a.k.a ninang joni).  will post my 2 cents worth of a “review” for the movie soon but for now, sing this out loud. the whole thing is not perfect but just have fun with it. and please don’t ask me for a video, i might just do it. chos! 🙂

gusto ka’g himo ‘ta ug snowman?
hali na dula ta
dili na ta gakita
gawas diha
murag wa’ ka pud diri
close b’ya ta niadto
ug ambot karon
unta ingna ko’g nganooooo
gusto ka’g himo ta’g snowman
dili kailangan gud nga snowman
(hawa d’ra, anna)
ok byeeeeeee

gusto ka’g himo ‘ta ug snowman?
or dagan-dagan sa balay
kailangan kog kauban
kay gisturyahan ko na ang picture frames diri
“ok ka ra gurl?”
mingaw biya usahay
mingaw ang payag
palipas nala’g oras
tic toc tic toc tic toc

sis, kaba’o ko d’ha ka
daghan n’ngita nimo
sigi’g ingon sila’g, “kaya mo ni”
adia ra ako
pasudla na akooo
kita nalang duha diri
ikaw ug ako
unsa’y buhaton ta?
gusto ka’g himo’g snowman?



gym today

made it to the gym tonight. 2nd time this year. ive about 10 pounds to lose since i let myself binge during the holidays. and still another 5 to my desired weight. i like my upper frame now as my slighty developed chest fills up my shirts nicely enough that it lessens attention on my tummy. no selfies! this is the year where tomorrow is another day. na hala!


can you blame me if this was what was served before me? ipasa ang kaldero sa kan-on palihog.

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ive setup in the living room. trying to consolidate notes from two versions of the script. reencoding my breakdown. coffee helps but i think i need more.

it’s january but we’ve been at this since july last year. sometimes, no matter the length of time to prepare for a project, it will always seem like you never have time to finish things perfectly. working on preproduction for HENERAL LUNA, a film im designing along with carlo for Jerrold Tarog, our director from cinemalaya’s mangatyanan. and senior year. and srr punerarya. and srr parola. it will be our first full length period movie. and the biggest in terms of requirements. it’s soo big i need to go through the script a hundred times just to absorb all the details. and im nowhere near done. we’ve done quite a lot the past few months and there’s still tons to do it’s insane.







here’s to ANTONIO LUNA and who killed him and has kept the country in the dark all these years. more on the making of this film later 😉


happy 2013 of yore!

the year’s past. an attempt to detail victories and stories of defeat in 2013 might be tricky, considering i practically dont have time really to write and edit a real blog article. just putting this out there to welcome people into the new year and having an excuse to post our family photo taken on christmas eve. we are one member short as my dad has passed away 2 years ago. however, we remain determined to live out life fully and to hold on to what is important: fame and fortune. i kid, of course. it’s family. may the new year be kind to you.

padero rer 2013-0780