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temple run

i thought i had it down pat.

on a whim and circumstance, i decided to purchase tickets for the whole family early last year so my dad’s wish to see cambodia would be granted. at that time, my dad was undergoing radiation therapy for his prostate cancer in manila and carlo and i just came back from ho chi minh city in vietnam. it would have been one where the family travels outside the Philippines together also because we’ve never done that before.

my dad was thrilled with the plan and it put his mind off things but it would still be a year before we could go. unfortunately, my dad never made it to see the temples. he passed away last august.

in his memory we proceeded with this trip. and seeing the beauty and majesty of this place, it breaks my heart a little (no, a lot) to not see him enjoy the sights, be with us in photos or to take his arm and help him up the corridors.

this trip is actually more emotional than i thought it would be.

payong, i saw a fisherman’s cap for sale at the angkor national museum this afternoon and i thought of you.

labyu, payong.


7 thoughts on “temple run

  1. rachel catherine m. asuncion says:

    haaay, maghuot sab atong dughan basa ani ,Ben. I have to look at the pix again…ug si mamati man diay nagpaypay!weeeh! ok, i see his face smiling and pleased with your tour. God with you always!

    • Ponski, download the wordpress app to your phone. Then you can blog anywhere, attach photos taken with your camera phone or from dropbox or elsewhere, then upload when you’re online via wifi or 3g 😉

  2. temay says:

    very touching Ben. Payoyong was with us all the time, making sure we are safe and have the energy needed to walk and walk, appreciating the place and people of Cambodia.

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