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Gatorade Propel ARNIS

oh yes! FINALLY a video of the gatorade propel arnis tvc we worked on is up. got the vid from effie go (makeup) who i believe got it from jem lim (producer). and now it’s on youtube courtesy of moi haha cheers and here’s to a more active life!  what if you could defend your body against toxins and illnesses just by drinking water?

CLIENT: Pepsi Co Phils
PROD HOUSE: Revolver Studios
DOP: Odyssey Flores
PD: Benjamin Padero
COSTUME: Carlo Tabije
ARTDEPT: Fer Galindez, Harley Alcasid, Buboy Crauz (setman)

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propel arnis no video yet


we worked on this commercial. proud of the work we put in despite the fact that you dont really see the detail of the costumes (carlo’s blood, sweat and tears) but nevertheless, for this we proved to ourselves we can do something as wild as this. ill post a full blog entry when i have time.

sorry nobody has uploaded the ad on youtube yet so i have nothing to put up here. hope you caught this on tv though.