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Gatorade Propel ARNIS

oh yes! FINALLY a video of the gatorade propel arnis tvc we worked on is up. got the vid from effie go (makeup) who i believe got it from jem lim (producer). and now it’s on youtube courtesy of moi haha cheers and here’s to a more active life!  what if you could defend your body against toxins and illnesses just by drinking water?

CLIENT: Pepsi Co Phils
PROD HOUSE: Revolver Studios
DOP: Odyssey Flores
PD: Benjamin Padero
COSTUME: Carlo Tabije
ARTDEPT: Fer Galindez, Harley Alcasid, Buboy Crauz (setman)

this tvc was done a week after we finished shooting Nescafe’s Body Partner commercial, the one with the bamboos. carlo had to skip working on nescafe because he had to finish all 6 heavy costumes for this ad (1 for the lead, drinny, and 5 for the bad guys).

i researched on samurai and bo warriors and a little bit of star wars (since starwars costumes were heavily inspired by ancient japanese battle outfits). direk af also wanted a yoji yamamoto feel so carlo and i decided to look into yoji’s designs for madonna on her nothing really matters video (which we love).

i had carlo work on the costume design and he did a kick-ass sketch that inspired direk to let us do drinny’s costume as well. it wasnt all fun and games. costumes had armor that needs to be hand-knit and carlo spent a good week holed up at home doing the knitting by himself. the rest of the pieces i took to the tailor who fucked up by not finishing in time for costume check. the horror!  drinny’s boots and her tabi shoes were done by mang ben, same guy who did sarah geronimo’s boots for our charmee tvc. in fairnez the tabi shoes were cool


clockwise from top left: notice the detail of the knitted armor on this marvin agustin look-alike imported from china (melamine-free); the 1st three costume finished for the initial fitting; the 5 warriors with chinese stunt stand-in (she wears her big shirt over her costume and suddenly she looks like a tatooine native, i think that’s cool); kuya poses with his costume during fitting.

clockwise from top left: drinny’s fight scene; more action; marvin agustin flying without wires; drinny saves her body from toxins (echos); full shot of a warrior romeo and juliet scene against a chroma blue sky.


8 thoughts on “Gatorade Propel ARNIS

  1. wish we could do that but immediately after the shoot i had to liquidate the costumes ergo submit to agency everything! we could probably just make new ones i guess. ha! too lazy

  2. EJ says:

    ok so nakita ko na ng buo. sayang, na-liquidate agad ang mga costumes. witness ako sa hirap na dinaanan ni carlo sa paggawa ng mga yun. puro salonpas na ang mga daliri nya.

  3. haha oo nga! salonpas na ang mga daliri pero well worth it kasi ganda nung labas. i still have 1 bokken sword at home though yey. let’s try your light saber against my bokken sword, see which one lasts longer hehehe

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