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movie marathon

i normally wouldnt have the time to watch movies nowadays. it’s something i actually miss. we were movie freaks in college doing wednesday screenings at FA, running to greenbelt for the cinemanila, hobnobbing with indie actors at the CCP and stuff like that. i buy a lot of dvds all the time and download a lot of movies i never see (and i know there are more like me out there; raise your hands, kids).

after tuesday’s shoot and carlo being in cebu, i found myself all by my lonesome the last few days, which afforded me to not just update my blog but to catch up on my movie list. here are the stuff ive been watching and a few comments on them, in chronological order of watching:

ive posted my review on this already. watched this while enjoying 2 jumbo hotdogs smothered with knorr seasoning plus rice. the hotdogs were remnants of the food props we had for a shoot we did.

PhotobucketBOY CULTURE
gay movie by fil-am q. allan brocka, his second after EATING OUT. i actually liked this movie way better, still a bit talky but more introspective than EATING OUT’s rants. acting could have been better but the lead’s charming enough and it helped that the material was solid (based on a book).

started this but i found it a bit dragging after watching boy culture, and the audio was quite muffled. turned off by coco martin’s bangkero acting and not even reaching daybreak, i switched to watching something else. paolo rivero’s good though. writer bebs gohetia and director adolf are friends of mine but i might have to give this another try another day.

cute. betty’s always cute and makes my day. the new episode comes every friday and i cant wait enough for it to finish downloading. btw, ralph macchio (the karate kid) has a recurring role in this season as congressman archie rodriguez or something. the writers are now brewing something for hilda with the congressman, since coach diaz had to go.

watching fringe on the dinner table has become sort of a routine every week for titatems carlo and myself. jhem introduced us to it and now we’re hooked. damn you jhem, and you had to bring up true blood as well.

got curious with the teamup of steve carrell and anne hathaway for this. the movie was funny and i enjoyed it, laughing out loud.Β  steve carrell is great.Β  nothing serious really, just simple detective kind of james bond-ish fun movie. anne hathaway is soo pretty.

got hold of a forwarded email announcing auditions held by bluerep for the musical BARE, which theyre doing in feb. i was curious, drawn by the poster and got interested in its music. next hour later, ive already downloaded the whole 2disc album and ripped the videos from youtube so i can watch the full musical staged in indianapolis. but as of writing, ive only seen snippets of it. will finish it later later πŸ™‚

started watching this months ago and only found time yesterday to finish it. technically my previous viewings should have been rendered void ergo i should watch the whole movie again from scratch. maybe next time. anyway, it’s great and enlightening, without the heavy drama or the gore. my muslim brothers in mindanao may not have that drastic a situation but they would relate to it hehe

carlo and i started to watch this also months ago but i fell asleep. so last night i started to watch it at midnight and near the end, i had to go down to the kitchen… because i got hungry. ok so i got jittery about the movie. i cant help it, dolls and victorian brocade are creepy-scary, not to mention kids in jute sack masks with buttons and holes for eyes, and the lady speaking in spanish doesnt help.

to shake off the cobwebs, i crashed into this pinoy comedy about the resident gay couple deciding to get a babymaker (rufa mae quinto). cherry pie lost her lisp (ginastosan daw siya ni polo) and there were fewer lines from giselle sanchez, plus luis alandy was replaced by sid lucero. the movie was mainly hit-and-miss and it focused a lot on rufa mae, who was funny, but took the thunder from the original cast.

wanted to watch this a long time and i even borrowed the dvd from carlo’s dad. obviously it took me months before i could watch it. the animation was great and seamless, love the voice performances of the whos. overall, it was cuteness.

still up on the list are ONCE, BLADE RUNNER, ERAGON (borrowed dvd from cuzin tricie but the R2 disc wouldnt run on my pirated player), PERHAPS LOVE, INTO THE WILD, BANGKOK LOVE STORY, and about 500 more dvds in my cabinet and a dozen titles ive downloaded that i havent seen yet. asteeg.


9 thoughts on “movie marathon

  1. i’ve been downloading uber old stuff naman, like lolita, fifth element, the last unicorn, legend, the color purple, cutthroat island and interview with the vampire. so far, corny pala ang “legend” hehe.

  2. so have i. well, things from my childhood like he-man and she-ra secret of the sword, the whole silverhawks series, the last unicorn too and other titles. then there are the not-so safe for children stuff hehehe

  3. fringe is still on its 8th episode or something in the US. but i have what’s been released, i can give you a copy if you want πŸ™‚ havent checked out thundercats though. i just finished downloading all 13 episodes of wuzzles (they only lasted 13 episodes) and alvin and the chipmunks (all soon).

  4. EJ says:

    hmm. i know that first photo. which star wars was it? was your birthday or mine?

    pakoypa naman minsan ng 80’s cartoons. got silverhawks, thundercats, centurions (power extreme!), he-man, no she-ra for me thanks, M.A.S.K., the go-bots!, bravestar, transformers, visionaries, TMNT, smurfs, duck tales, inspector gadget, captain planet, dino riders, spiral zone, g.i. joe, superfriends, captain caveman, flintstones, jetsons, the real ghostbusters, ghostbusters, denver the last dinosaur, scooby doo, etc etc etc??? phew…

  5. EJ says:

    ha ha. koyah, may bago? i’ll settle for the goodies that you already have. salamats. mejo dumadalas ang movie munchies ko para sa mga napanood ko noong mga dekada 80 at 90.

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