terminator salvation

the trailer to the new terminator salvation movie is out and the franchise still kicks alien ass! the series got a new shot in the arm with the casting of batman in the role. im not all that sold on this choice, mainly because christian bale already donned the batsuit. taking on another classic role like john connor might be detrimental but based on the trailer, christian bale makes a really strong john connor.

evolution of john connor

the trailer shows an environment of chaos and decay, war between men and artificial intelligence developed way before arnold became governor of california. im excited with what this new movie has to offer. obviously i and majority of my family are fans of the terminator series. we watched the first movie numerous times, even on christmases (and my titas would always scream when arnold appears naked with his thing swinging like a pendulum). i loved cameron’s treatment on the 3rd movie. not as big as the 2nd, but the story stayed true to the franchise.

terminator salvation is directed by mcG (charlie’s angels). watch the trailer here cheers!  cant wait!


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