betty’s rival

Photobucketwatched ugly betty’s season 3 episodes 5 & 6 back to back tonight and i got so fired up. lindsay lohan’s character is pure evil.

a large part of why shows like these work is that villains are multi-dimensional and are those you love to hate. her character, kimmy, was just pure hate. she stuck out like a real thorn on the side and apparently there were rumors lindsay also had a spat with america ferrera during shoots.  producers allegedly cut down her episodes from 6 to 4, with the recent one being her last. and good riddance. i dont think i could take another episode with her character in it, it was just plain irritating and infuriating i had to blog about it haha.

and in this episode they featured the tico berries, a fictional fruit which is really rambutan. yes, rambutan from your friendly side walk vendors.

now i can sleep knowing betty suarez land is right again. haha


btw, gio was back for episode 3. hehehe. ok sleep already. zzzzzzzzzzzz


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