step 3 to peaceful inner self

Step 3 to peaceful inner self: stop spending for stuff you dont really need. we have to attain independence from material excesses.

just because something is on sale doesnt mean you have to buy it. even if it’s 50% off. jessica zafra doesnt consider something a sale unless it’s 80% off. but dont get me wrong. im guilty of breaking step 3 every so often. and with heinous purchases at that. once i was at landmark shopping for props. came across that gorgeous optimus prime figurine and couldnt let go. goodbye 3K hello transformers.

i installed this app on my iphone that helps me keep track of every cash out i do in a month. bills, monthly payments, taxi fare, groceries, eating out and all, including charges on my credit card or debits on my atm. im surprised to learn how much i spend in a month, it’s crazy! so from last month, im trying to bring down the total of my expenses and see where this goes. just today i paid my bills and my month’s budget is consumed by almost 50% already. and it’s just the 2nd week of sept. i say good luck!


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