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scandinavian chic

i swear on hamlet’s dad this is absolutely charming.

to be able to attain this kind of quasi-minimalist clutter here in the philippines, you gotta have a huge house. then add crazy big windows (which we have in mindanao btw) and you’re almost there. except that you’d be insane to put glass on your windows because it’s so hot here. and the sun never gets to this angle in the house. oh well.

omg eames chairs! and a coral! i know right? bad bad bad. but i love it! have one in my room.  and the big letters! hahaha im crazy cray cray over text i havent decided what to put on my walls!

the next two photos have darker walls but nevertheless charming.  and it can work in so many houses in the philippines who cant afford to do final plastering and paint their bare cement walls. all you need is a cheese cloth table cover and frame invisible pictures and you’re all set!  🙂

you can get more swedish love from emma’s design blog, so much love!


2 thoughts on “scandinavian chic

    • i know right? i wish though i could have 47L repainted to something like grey. or back to white at least. or this crazy chinese blue (carlo says it’s celadonian blue) i want to paint in my room.

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