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Step 2

Step 2 is to take account of all your personal assets.

Physical assets. hair? yes and no. face. pwede na. body? yikes. carlo and i took a body composition analyzer which you can get from any mercury drug store. here’re my results (taken july 15 2010):
age 32.
height 5’6″
weight 142 lbs (not bad, i guess)
body mass index 22.9
bmr (capability to burn at rest) 6172 kJ or 1475 kcal
fat % 23.7 (desirable range is 17-23%. that means im borderline overweight)
fat mass 33.6lbs (desirable range is 22.2 to 32.4lbs)
the results indicated my target body fat should only be 20% of my total weight, i should ideally be 135lb heavy (based on my weight and age) with a fat mass of 27lb. that means i have to lose 6.6lbs to achieve my ideal weight. tootsie, how hard is it to lose 6lbs? ghad.

Medical history. i had asthma as a kid. im prone to vertigo (triggered by stress and msg). i have dermatitis (inherited from my maternal lola). i itch a lot at night (even after bathing before going to sleep), i have no idea why. my sisters have scoliosis and probably so do i. im allergic to shrimp but i can eat bagoong. im allergic to msg but i can eat lucky mi pansit canton. im allergic to crab. im lactose intolerant. my dad is diabetic and has been diagnosed with cancer (prostate, 2007) and a brain tumor (1998, benign). chances are, id die of cancer or get eaten by fire ants, a very japanese horror film way to die.

Material assets. i have 3 boxes of books here in katipunan and probably 3 more in cdo. i have 2 bookshelves with other books and magazines as well. we’ve tons of props and materials for shoot, stored in plastic containers and some in huge orocan plastic bins. i have a clothes steamer i bought 2 years ago and a trolley from ace hardware we almost never use. my closet houses a decently-sized wardrobe but i have lots of underwear that are more expensive than my tshirts. ive my Luna (MBP) and my 2 mobile phones. i dont have a car and my MRT ticket has expired. 3 years ago i had a bed built and bought a new mattress for it. i bought my first ever ever tv last june with a nice home theater package. it now sits on the antique tv cabinet i got from my grandparents’ house (apparently that set was bought by my dad years ago so now it’s back with us hehehe). it also cost me a fortune to have my room and the public spaces of the house retiled. if i were to lose everything today, what 1 item would i want saved?

Financial assets. no comment 🙂 i learned not to talk about whether i have much or i have none. in the end, it doesnt really matter. but im thankful i have enough to eat out or buy groceries, pay the bills and watch a few movies every now and then.

Spiritual assets. ive the good Lord covering my back but im lacking on doing the other way around. i wouldnt consider myself a backslider, but i havent been praying much and finding time to worship the Lord. i should get my schedule fixed so i can pursue my old ministries in the choir and with the youth.

taking stock of what you have, which asset is more important to you? send your answers to 2677. per dti series of 2010.


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