Step 1

Step 1 to achieve peaceful inner self and nirvana is to clean your house. Get rid of things you dont need! Besides, we cant bring all our material “wealth” (if you may call your sentimental junk that) to heaven.

This will help you learn to let go of things you actually dont need, like that electric coaster you got as a gift or the box that came with the printer you’re saving to fill with more junk that you also need to throw out.

By this, you will realize you can actually see the floor and can move around. Seats are meant to be sat down by you, not a terminally temporary storage for paperwork. That funky smell will go away once you throw out that old mattress you set aside for guests. You will feel liberated and the new minimalist look of your house might actually go well with the chinois triptych wall decor you thought was a good bargain from bangkal. I tell you, take those down! Eww.

Just let go! You wont feel better afterwards but youll appreciate the long term benefits in the long run. Sure.


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