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chorizo love

Everybody who knows me well enough know i go bonkers over the chorizo from cdo. i remember this from my childhood when having chicken a’la carte in cogon market, usually eaten with puso (rice in a woven palm leaves bag).  Sweet and best grilled over hot coals, cousin ygan has since been serving this chorizo in his bbq spot in nacalaban st.  cagayan de oro.

Probably unknown to him, he was mentioned in an article on street fare by food magazine in nov 2008. Im posting the scan below. three cheers to bbq’ed chorizo and to cagayan de oro! wohoo!  🙂

ygan diaz’s bbq is an a’la carte dining eatery located at 29 nacalaban st, cagayan de oro, near the cagayan medical center. they usually open around 5pm until a little after midnight. aside from my favorite chorizo, they also serve grilled chicken, fish and a lot more.  beside the bbq place is mandex bar. more on that in another post  🙂


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