digital world

rethinking my digital data storage options. i almost lost my old photos from an old wd mybook hdd when its hardware failed a few months ago. then i realized most of the photos were backed up in a separate 2TB wd passport hdd. so i said i was safe. AND THEN a few days i plugged in into an lg led tv and somehow it “erased” everything. i was able to save most of the photos using a data recovery program but i fear the hdd no longer gives me security. the same program allowed me however to access the old mybook hdd so im slowly backing up my previously lost photos. and maybe now i really need to triple backup things and also backup to cloud networks. hayy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.05.57 AM

a sample of my folder organization, catalogued in lightroom. i kinda never erase photos even if they are trivial and mundane. 

by importance, i want to save all my photos. ive succeeded in keeping all of them organized since 2005. and then i want to save all my project files, from way back 2005 to present. ive been working in the art department since that time and i havent erased any of my research, pegs, drawings, and presentation decks. the next important, and slightly not so important, would be my movie collection. it’s kinda heartbreaking to lose the really hard-to-find ones like musicals and documentaries. everything else, somehow you can find again online. the last thing i would want to save is probably the e-comics. i also have a big collection of mp3s (albums and all that) as well but they dont seem as important now as the rest of my files.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.01.21 PM

recovering 1 folder at a time. and because it really is a hardware problem, the old mybook hdd is so slow it takes hours to download even a file of around 400mb. Lord, have mercy.

soon enough i will learn to let go of things lost, digital or otherwise. but not yet. not yet.


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