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focaccia @ a.venue

rockstar jhem invited us to one of his gigs at capone’s a.venue in makati ave (mar25). we have been missing out on his gigs so we made it a point to watch this night. carlo and i arrived early so we could dinner at a.venue. it was a tossup between japanese, italian food or those big burgers they were offering there but italian ruled so we ate at focaccia.

ordered their soup trio, putanesca and mushroom cheese rollup pizza. OMG ang sarap! the soup trio (of tomato cream, squash and mushroom) was fantastic. it came in shots actually, a sampler serving, and was really good. the pasta was also good but serving was kinda small though.

the pizza we loved! for those familiar with yellow cab’s dear darly, this is soo much better. apart from the fact that they have various “flavors” for the rollup pizza, the dough is much thinner and the effect is overall fantastic. winner siya haha

and yes we got to the gig part. i was pleasantly surprised i enjoyed the rock gig. it’s been a long while since we ventured to listen to rock music but i liked what The Beltrans had to offer. there were a couple of pitchy notes in the middle of the set but overall, great performance. rockstar jhem, you rock! 🙂

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legally blonde the musical

LegallyBlondeTheMusical.jpgthis was a surprise. finished downloading the whole show a month ago and had a blast watching it. the film wasnt my favorite but the broadway show just became one. its music and the cast is infectious, it’s been weeks since i saw it and the songs are still looping in my head. the show’s audience clearly enjoyed themselves and cheered at every instance it’s contagious. ang kulit! laura bell bundy plays elle woods in the original cast and she got nominated for a tony award here.

fantastic choreography and staging in “what you want,” where elle applies for harvard, “chip on my shoulder,” and tracks 17 and 18 “legally blonde” songs. for more information here’s the wiki page of legally blonde the musical.

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finally !


turntable! yey!

went through cubao getting costumes for a shoot and i ventured into cubao x yet again to look at records as a sidetrip. i asked the lady if they were selling a turntable and they were! it was a 2nd hand sansui and it worked great. i was grinning from ear to ear on the way home. soo excited! now we can finally listen to LPs, like JCS and the recently purchased hair original broadway cast, and be transported to a no longer obscure distant past hahaha

now to look for french LPs and OPM of the golden age 😀 yey!

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long play finds

jesus christ superstar ost toured my sister mamati and her husband papi to marikina shoe expo.  after saying hi to poninski at black soup, we scoured the thrift shops and was excited to find a long play copy (plaka) of jesus christ superstar in heritage. unfortunately the p500 tag price was way too much and i snuck it back where i got it and cursed the place.

in the next shop i found another copy of the lp and immediately bought it for p150.  although it was i believe the most expensive of the old plakas i got the past few months, it was worth it.  except for a few scratches the guy selling it says it’s still playable. ive been trying to get a good deal for the jcs soundtrack and now i got it! it included pages of photographs and a lyric insert. pretty exciting!  now i just have to get a turntable hehehe

west side story ostfew months back i got west side story also in marikina shoe expo for p75.  before that i was ecstatic to find zefirelli’s romeo and juliet lp and got it for p25 at evangelista in makati.  good thing i already got the cd of the thing and dont have to wait for the turntable to listen to it.

romeo and juliet ost ive been buying lps to build a small collection of favorite albums. other lps already stocked up at home include alvin and the chipmunks christmas album, the rescuers (salvaged from my childhood), the grease soundtrack (typical) and all that jazz. im still hoping to get plakas evoking nostalgia, things that include englebert humperdink and the theme from mahogany (surreal trip). 2nd hand laserdiscs are sold at p50 a piece at evangelista but i couldnt find any of my favorite movies to keep. cheers!