dancer in the dark

i just saw dancer in the dark yesterday.  it was so good!  i loved it!  wow, bjork was awesome and i have no doubts why she won the best actress citation in last year’s cannes film fest.  she wasn’t like bjork or anything.  i mean, whenever she was in her dream sequences she was definitely bjork.  but once she snaps out of it, she becomes zelma, the simple-minded single mother who is also slowly losing her eyesight. and the story’s not as simple as just a woman going blind.  it’s the story of this incredible woman who would do anything for the people she loves, mainly her son.  the cast was also something to be reckoned with!  wow!  there’s david morse (contact and the rock) and catherine deneuve (ThE catherine deneuve).  then there’s the actor from “the lost world” who played jeff, the guy in love with zelma; and the actress (i can’t remember their names) playing the prison guard who befriends zelma (she was the secretary in “the negotiator” and the wife in “men in black”).  then there was the doctor (udo something, i’ve seen him somewhere in films screened in shangri-la) and etc. etc.  i wanted to cry in the screening but, well… i just wouldnt want to there (but i would have…).  the film is so powerful you can’t help but be involved.  lars von trier (director) did the camera work himself (on video!).  he also wrote the film. bjork did the score.  if ever, you come across a copy of the video (although you probably wouldnt find one) rent it out and watch it.  you… might not like it (because it’s so uncommercial) but you will definitely be touched by it.


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