yesterday night, millions found themselves glued to their television sets and witnessed the unfolding of a great tragedy.  four hijacked planes intentionally crashed into major structures in the united states.  you already know the details but i have to say this again, the event is so surreal it was like watching a movie only that this is real.  it used to be that art would imitate life; now it seems to have turned tables on us.  it was horrifying watching that second plane hit the world trade center right before our very eyes.  and a little later, there was no world trade center to behold.  it was just terrible and even if we are here in the philippines it doesnt mean we aren’t affected by it not unlike the americans.  to think of all those trapped and killed by the blasts and the collapse of the buildings i was reminded by the recent tragedy of the hotel fire that killed hundreds in quezon city.  i extend my condolences and prayers to all, we are to find ourselves in more trying times now as war would most probably erupt.


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