i just met three of my professors in class today and we’ve already set our final projects for each.  since the last day of classes in u.p. is on the 9th, our project deadlines fall on the 8th as that is our regular class schedule.  anyhow, i really think our project for visual design is really interesting since we’d be doing a book of alphabets representing the meanings of words that start with that particular letter.  for example, an avalanche is depicted on the design of the letter A with one of its side crumbling to pieces, etc etc.  in my black and white photography class we now have only one project for a final plate.  we’re gonna do an art portrait and i’m still deciding on what to shoot.  as for production techniques, all we will be doing is taking a field trip to the inquirer and visiting their printing press.  tomorrow we still have to meet my figure drawing professor and my design workshop teacher and discuss our last projects.  if all my classes will work on the last-day-of-classes deadline, i will be home earlier this year and even catch high school classmate jill tan’s birthday on the 15th!  hope she celebrates with lechon and adobo…


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