again i was transported to my childhood this morning my grandfather called me and asked if i wanted to go to the beach. i couldnt refuse so i said id go and i asked when. he said right now. ok. i just woke up then so i didnt even bother changing clothes. after an hour he got to the house with my grandmother and i was “whisked” off to opol. after an hour of swimming we then started for home. daddy oncgs (that’s what we call him) invited me to lunch at their house at 238 a.velez st. and i said ok so that’s where we went. i will still wet and sticky and havent rinsed off the saltwater when we boarded the feroza. this is funny to me because he used to do that when i was young. one incident was when i was around 7 probably and it was summer. cuzin ej and paolo were in cagayan. daddy oncgs took us all to the beach one morning and we swam by the bridge at opol. after about 30 minutes probably or an hour he called us to come out of the water coz we were to go home already. wet, sticky, salty and toasted brown all over, we huddled at the back of the volkswagen looking like what the cat dragged in from the rain. i didnt think my summer this year would be a trip to my younger years. it’s funny, in a way…

i got a text from kitty kits informing me of the new set of officers for UPCYM this coming school year. i would like to congratulate the newly elected set of officers: bootsie (president, last year’s int.vp), josh (int.vp), ianb (ext.vp for the second straight year), ketket (sec), tintin (treas), andres (, and aris ( kitty kits was texting me and wanted to nominate me for president. i begged off saying i was too old to be president… again. šŸ™‚ i dont think i have the strength anymore to lead the group. anyhow i know the new group will do a better job so i wish them all the blessings God would pour down on this group. bootsie, you have my support and please, if you need help ask ask.

it’s just 17 minutes after midnight so technically it’s laya’s birthday already. mamati and clapton are still in the kitchen cooking and preparing for her birthday later at 3pm. laya’s already sleeping but i believe she’s in my bed so i cant just sleep yet. later in the afternoon would be another party for her and the next day would be another year for laya to enjoy. i pray she grows up all healthy and lively and in God’s care. she’s quite a sunbeam you know, like tita an when she was younger. just hours ago laya was crying and i interrupted her. i asked her to sing that song from shrek and with tears still falling from her beautiful eyes she lalala’d the melody of princess fiona’s song. you cant help but fall in love with this kid. šŸ™‚ happy birthday laya girl, God bless you!


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