i just came from a 2-day, 2-night vacation in camiguin! i had great fun siempre dami beach dun. super island! we took the boat off the port of balingoan to benoni, camiguin at 3pm tuesday afternoon. we arrived yesterday thursday at 5.30 from the ginsiliban port in camiguin. we were able to swim in the ardent hot spring, magting, the sunken cemetery, white island, mantigue island and the macao cold springs. super pagtong ko karon, it hurts to move around. but that’s a small price to pay have enjoyed God’s wonderful camiguin, and swim swim swim like tomorrow would never end. ill divulge more details later.

my summer vacation’s almost over and id say it was great fun. one of the things i enjoyed the most was going to cogon market. yes, cogon market. it’s kinda like quiapo in manila, the center of all legal and illegal trade. it’s where all public transport converge, and i mean all! if you can figure out how to navigate yourself around cogon market you wouldnt get lost in cagayan de oro (well, not really – if you can figure out nazareth then youre bound to survive cagayan). all you could possibly need is found there (well almost). it’s where i get my pirated cds. and it’s where i do my ukai-ukai (i bought a pair of speedo black swimming shorts for PhP40 only). it’s where we go to eat chicken ala cart and puso when we find ourselves hungry late at night. but the one thing i recently experienced and enjoyed is eating inside the market. the scene would be your typical market with people screaming and the heat invading your sweat glands like ants invading your picnic. the smell is, well, interesting. you could smell the canals and the raw meat and the stale water, fish and its entrails, rats, people and more people, etc. etc. despite all that, youd be surprised to find really good food (besides, most of the food you eat out of cogon market is sourced there). my cuzin, manong alain, took me out for lunch at the SM (sulod sa mercado). i was to partake of the notoriously famous (famous because it’s really good, notorious because you eat it with rats the size of cats scurrying about you) humba they serve in cogon. id say it was one of the best ive had. the meat’s really tender and jellyish, the sauce is very humba, perhaps the kind of stuff borne out of dreams only. the whole scene wasnt mind-blowing but the experience was. if you non-cagayan-anons can visit us here perhaps i could take you there and have a taste of what humba should taste like. 🙂

isa pa nga storya, i enjoyed maylin’s tri-colored ribbon pasta with tuna in white sauce. i dont like carbonara mainly because it gets tiring after a short while and there’s an aftertaste. however, ninang may’s white sauce is mostly cream and there’s less oil. lami gyud kaayu! daghan lang wala naka-appreciate kay dili sanay sa white sauce. sorry nalang, ako nagenjoy… 🙂

another story worth telling is about food again. weeks ago i found myself invited to help myself of tito mackie’s (our neighbor in 29 nacalaban street) caldereta. wow, grabe, lami gyud kaayu. the meat and veggies were super tender and the slices were filling, lami kaayu hubhub. the tomato sauce was rich and thick, and spicy. i wanted to cut down my food intake but it’s hard to do that in cagayan when there’s so much good food around! hahahay…

i missed out updating you on laya’s birthday 22 days ago. ill tell more when i have the pictures developed and printed (wala man gud na koy money busa… !hint !hint)…


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