im bored. it’s been a really long time since i had anything to say here. obviously a lot has happened. im now a junior in fine arts. just when i thought schooling was easy and i could wing it, first day of classes i meet most of my professors and they are really serious about their careers! i cant afford to take it easy so i might have to work harder still. im off to a promising start (it really helps if youre older than most of your classmates) and i hope i can go the distance. the Lord has been mighty great to me, i believe i got great teachers and great opportunities. one of my anticipated projects this year is doing a short film. my group mates and i havent decided on what to do but i thought it would be better for the group if i let go of major responsibilities. i kinda made a vow to myself that come the next project i wont be leader again. unfortunate for me now i wont get to be director. then again, if they put me up as director i might have a hard time saying no. giving up being director, are you kidding me? anyhow it all really depends on my group mates. ill be happy working anywhere. really.


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