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it was raining really hard today. the millennium storm (that’s the name of the storm) woke me up at 10.30 with splashes of water through my window. it started to flood in edsa, and so many other parts in luzon, and even in national bookstore katipunan (as usual). evidently classes were called off so tootsie and i stayed home and bored ourselves to death. i was actually relieved since i still havent finished my editorial assignment on the cancer awareness for kids. although i was finished a little after lunchtime and my classes were supposed to have started at 2.30, i wasnt rushed thus i worked better. i did a lot of emailing today also. then again, ive been doing a lot of emailing the past few days. my classmates in highschool and i have gotten connected by email and we’ve been reminiscing on past comedic episodes. it’s so nice to hear from some of them, and i do hope i hear more from the rest! paging aileen! paging janjan, fabe! paging sonvie, jill, erika, madlos!

when cuzin toots and i went to greenbelt, we caught up on watching “hollywood hong kong” and “what time is it there.” the first film was from hong kong (obviously) and was really really bad and boring. perhaps it was the familiarity of the place that rendered it ordinary and not even the raw, so-they-say animalistic visuals could make it any better. there were funny instances but i guess i just had to force myself to laugh, the pains we took to get to greenbelt was not funny! we were caught in traffic in cubao, we got lost in makati and the people who worked in greenbelt didnt understand the difference between greenbelt 1 and greenbelt 3. we practically missed 10 minutes to the film! anyhow, thank God for taiwan, they sent a much better fare than their asian contemporary.

the other film we saw, “what time is it there” was a far far cry from the so-pinoy-movieness of hollywood hongkong. the film told the story of a boy whose father just died and developed a ‘hobby’ of setting clocks in taiwan to paris time after meeting a beautiful girl who left for france. the film was shot with really really long takes and there werent even much of a score. in fact, i dont remember hearing any musical scoring except at the closing credits. the prod design was simple and sparse, colors were distinct and interesting. the long takes was really nice, it cradled the film in a way that elevated it to almost surrealism, yet the dynamics were really as it would be in reality, however you would take reality to be. the film’s twist at the end was interesting, something i didnt expect (although i read it off the poster before going in the theater). im babbling right now, i know. maybe im just hungry, i dont think any of the things i said made sense. ill go make myself a tuna sandwich.

this isnt making sense. and tuna sandwich tastes soooo good!


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