gigi (joni gale, toots’ friend) just called to tell toots she’s about to go on as phone operator for real tonight. since toots isnt here yet i stood in to assure her of her capabilities. kaya mo yan, kid! anyway, through the conversation she asked me what i was doing and that’s when i realized i wasnt myself tonight. i was defrosting the ref, preparing dinner, updating my website and singing out “once on this island” and charlie brown.” talk about multi-tasking, that’s not the real me. the real me cant read the newspaper while chitchating with tootsie. the real me cant watch tv while reading sophie’s world. the real me cant listen to kathy and jm at the same time. the moon must be out tonight. “…you are why we tell the story/ why we tell the story/ so i hope that you will tell this tale tomorrow/ it will help your heart remember and relive/ it will help you feel the anger and the sorrow/ and forgive…./”


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