off to zambo

coolness. by 7 tonight ill be off to a part of southern mindanao that ive never been too. well, ive actually never been to southern mindanao. i havent been to davao or gensan or zambo or basilan etc. i know it’s tricky traveling but when youre from mindanao you dont get fazed by the news on the papers that there’s a war raging here. sure there’s a war, but it’s mostly psychological, the kind that the media wants you to think is happening.perhaps we’re just in denial. but hey, ive lived a large part of my life in mindanao nothing major has happened anywhere here. im pretty excited seeing that side of the island. i cant wait 🙂

but like yeah, cagayan de oro to zamboanga is 14hrs apart. and im taking the evening bus. 😦 oh well, ill enjoy it still. yeehee


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