chowking in zambo

i wanted to eat in some carinderia in zamboanga. this afternoon i tried to go ukay but didnt find anything interesting except for a mountain pack (but it was in light blue and purple). went around the shopping district and bought a raincoat to protect me from the elements up la paz mountain. grew hungry trying to find a nice eating place and eventually lost to eating at chowking instead.

tsk tsk

nothing wrong with an order of braised beef and wanton noodles but fact is, youre in some exciting place and you gotta go safe with food? i know there are a lot of really good eating places here. unfortunately i just didnt find them in time. hopefully ill be eating local for dinner.

also bought a pair of spartan slippers. didnt think id have a hard time choosing flipflops. the color wasnt right, the size was not right, the sole thickness wasnt not right, it was too hard, this one too soft. crazy! i eventually got a black pair. safe. like my chowking. and my raincoat was transparent. like the picture window near where i sat and worked at my papers in chowking.

oh well.


One thought on “chowking in zambo

  1. drei says:

    see, i told you you’ll be having wanton. hehe. =D

    missed the siomai though. 😉

    so kamusta? still cold in zambo? kung ukay hanap mo, dito na sa baguio! hehe.

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